Artichoke with Fragrant Tomato Broth

Artichoke – sans mayo or butter?
You bet.

Heat about a quarter cup of olive oil in a soup pot over medium heat, add 4 cloves chopped garlic, cook for a few minutes but do not brown. Add about 6 cups of vegetable stock along with a  10 oz. can of diced seeded peeled tomatoes and juice, a cup of white wine,  a half teaspoon each of dried basil and thyme, and a bay leaf, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Add trimmed organic globe artichoke (or two), bring to a boil, then lower the heat and cook covered.
When the artichoke is almost tender, remove the bay leaf, add a half cup of rinsed capers and some chopped fresh basil. Adjust seasoning and finish cooking for about 5 minutes. Serve the tender artichoke in a soup bowl over the fragrant tomato broth. Ladle more broth and garlic and capers over the artichoke. Very flavorful,  and lower fat than some recipes…So I’m submitting this dish to Giz & Psychgrad’s Tried, Tested and True 2 Event at Equal Opportunity Kitchen.
They say, “We are asking you to submit your health-promoting tried, tested and true recipes. This can be any sort of dish – appetizer/soup/bread/main/dessert – your choice. But, it should be a low calorie dish, one that you’ve adapted from a higher fat to be a healthier choice, a vegetarian option, just to give you a few suggestions. Please don’t feel restricted. Just think about a submission that’s healthy and tastes good – that you would feed to someone you love knowing that you were promoting good, healthy eating.” I think this dish fits the bill.
To Your Good Health!

18 thoughts on “Artichoke with Fragrant Tomato Broth”

  1. What a wonderful recipe! I adore artichokes and always think of them as a “special occasion” food.

  2. Lori, Lynn, I’ve been seduced by your soft-porn, dreamy camera work and artichokes…a first! lol

    An elegant dish, healthy and I’d have this as a starter. A fine entry for TT &T.

  3. Everytime I go to the grocery store, I make circles around the bin containing artichokes thinking, “should I, shouldn’t I?” So far…the wimp in me has won out. But this could just be the last straw. This looks delicious. I’m guessing that the outer layers serve as a bowl for the edible inner layers. Or, is it all edible? Clearly I’m a beginner when it comes to fresh artichokes.

    Thanks for the great submission to Tried, Tested and True Two. When you get a chance, send us an e-mail with the details so that your entry doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

  4. Oh the things you create! 🙂
    I passionately love artichokes,
    last week I walked in a field of them, some mature, some still blooming. A dream!

  5. HI Ann – they are a treat! And special, since they are eaten like no other food that I know of…

    HI Peter – oh my! (blush) Funny to think of a spiney green vegetable as seductive. But that is how we foodies see the world, don’t we?

  6. Hi Psychgrad – I will be emailing it to you soon. Thanks. I love your event concept. As to the artichoke preparation and consumption, it is the center that you cannot eat. I will include a tutorial in my email to you. But you must try this for sure!

  7. Hi Jessy – thank you so much!

    Hi Merisi – I would love to walk in your shoes. You see such beauty daily.

  8. This looks wonderful. I’ve always been kind of unimpressed by artichokes – they seem like a lot of work for very little reward. This recipe just might change that!

  9. dear lori
    passing by your blog after a long time and i must say its very interesting recipe..we get it here…so i shall try to make the broth of the artichoke with fragrant tomato…good post, as usual.

  10. This looks heavenly! I can imagine my family loving this & savoring every last morsel with a sliced baguette.

    xoxox Amy

  11. lori lynn! love this artichoke post and would love to see it up on tastespotting! would you mind if i submitted? or if not, you can submit it, too 🙂 just crop photo to 250 x 250 and submit with a great caption!

    (sorry about commenting – couldn’t find an email address for you).

  12. This really looks yummy Lori Lynn! I have had artichokes in so many different ways..but never in broth!I love this application!

  13. Oh no Fearless Kitchen – that is not the case! They do take some prep, but it is swift and easy. The reward far outweighs the effort!

    Hi Anamika – nice to see you again. Your recent post on Cynthia’s Birthday cake was awesome!

    Thanks Amy and Francesca – it is really that good, baguette, good idea too!

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