Mélange de Haricots, Parmesan Sage Breadcrumbs

Side Dish Time!
Mélange de Haricots
Parmesan Sage Breadcrumbs

Sauté sage leaves in butter for a couple minutes until slightly crisp. Remove them to a paper towel. Have you tasted warm whole fried sage leaves? They melt in your mouth like a savory candy…

Add panko bread crumbs to that same butter and toss until browned. Then add grated Parmesan and torn crispy sage leaves. Turn off the heat and mix well. This is my opportunity to thank the folks at Foodbuzz for the gifts: A cool green spatula and a nifty apron. Thanks guys! And a hearty congratulations on the Launch today.

Mélange de Haricots, a mix of French Green Beans and Yellow Wax Beans. Cook the beans then toss with a little butter and salt & pepper.
I have discovered these convenient little bags of fresh (baby) vegetables at the market. Snip the corner and microwave for 3 to 4 minutes, and the vegetables come out cooked perfectly. You may have seen the baby carrots I made on Rosh Hashanah? I am equally impressed with the beans and squash.

Sprinkle the warm toasted Parmesan Sage Breadcrumbs over the cooked beans. Toss gently.

Makes a great accompaniment to filet mignon! I am sending this Mélange de Haricots over to Sra of When My Soup Came Alive blog, as she is hosting Susan’s Legume Love Affair Event for October. Do you like all kinds of beans? Make sure to check out Legume Love!

28 thoughts on “Mélange de Haricots, Parmesan Sage Breadcrumbs”

  1. I would love to taste this dish, unfortunately, I don’t get fresh sage here. Your references to the sage have me drooling! Thanks for the entry, Lori!

  2. Hey….I want a foodbuzz spatula! The gratin of haricots make a fine autumn dinner side…and I want a Foodbuzz spatula!

  3. This side dish sounds amazing. I love homemade breadcrumbs. This combination sounds delectable. I am a bean lover….I will definitely check out her event.

  4. Thanks That Girl and Tom – Fall is in the air!

    Darius – Do you like this because it is paired with the filet?

    Hi sra- no fresh sage? boo. Looking forward to your round-up!

    HI Maria and Zita – sage is great, fried or not.

    Hi Kevin – Thanks. I’m sure I’ll use these breadcrumbs again and again.

    Peter – You are crackin’ me up! What? You didn’t get a spatula? You deserve one!

    Hi Abby – Welcome! And hope to see your dish in the round-up, too.

  5. My sage died :(, when I started to remold my kitchen. But I wanna buy another one soon.The dish looks tasty and beautiful . I love fillet mignon, even people said that it is not a tasty meat, but I suppose that these people don’t know how about they talking 🙂
    Happy (late) birthday to your mother

  6. I love this side dish, it looks so elegant and colorful!
    I love how you used the sage butter to cook your breadcrumbs in. They too must have melted in your mouth! I’m tagging this side dish.. thanks for the great recipe Lori Lynn! 🙂

  7. Ah! Now I have a great idea to get use from my sage. I am enjoying the last picture of the filet mignon…who can resist that?

  8. I love that the baby vegetables are actual small vegetables and not tiny pieces of large, woody ones. I’ve never seen yellow wax beans before, they do add a nice touch of color! The meal looks super-delicious!

  9. I love those prepackaged baby veggies too, especially the haricot vert. Love what you did with them. The breadcrumbs look wonderful!

  10. Yum, yum, yum, yum! I love the way this sounds. I'll have to try this b/c it looks supper easy – especially the snip & microwave. I find such pleasure in these short-cuts – even better when the family praises you endlessly (well, I'm still waiting for that day, but it could happen).

    xoxox Amy

  11. I love everything about this side dish! Your flavor combo’s here, with the panko, parm and sage is getting me all excited!!!

  12. Hi Sylvia – sorry to hear about your sage. I like filet mignon, very tender!

    Hi Laurie – gave it another layer of sage flavor I think.

    HI Bridgett- I almost didn’t post the filet, kinda wrecked my vegetation dish idea.

    Hi Manggy – me too, I really don’t like those turned carrots masquerading as baby carrots!

    Thanks Glamah! Fall is in the air, it’s sage time!

    HI SGCC – I am going to try the baby zucchinis next.

    Hi Amy – they really come out of the microwave perfectly steamed! And you are too funny!

    Thanks Marie – panko, parm and sage, could be a song…

  13. What a wonderful entry for the Legume Love Affair event. Yum!

    When I started cooking, only very recently, I tried to saute sage leaves. I don’t think they came out very well. You’ve inspired me to try again. Thanks!


  14. Marking this for possible use on Thanksgiving, Lori. Very nice.

    I also dug that FoodBuzz spatula. I haven’t used mine yet.

  15. Hi Liz – do try! They only take a minute of so to cook.

    HI Vanpham – Welcome! I hope you satisfied your hunger!

    HI Paz – try again. Try not to burn the butter and don’t overcook, only one minute or a little longer.

    Hi Candy – thanks!

    HI Melissa – they come up with neat gifts, don’t they?

  16. I am going to make this one for my Thanksgiving side dish.
    I found your blog via Marie at Proud Italian Cook.
    I am loving it!

  17. I have not tried fried sage leaves, but you can bet I’m going to now. I have a sage plant hanging on, on the patio, and have been wanting to do something great with all of those wonderful big leaves that are left.

  18. I’m making your bean dish again for dinner tonight. The family really loved it! I love the aroma of the sauted sage….. Mmmm.

    xoxox Amy

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