Birthday Wishes

Today is my mother’s 75th birthday.

You may have seen the previous post, and know that we took her to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. Our goal was to celebrate her at least 75 times during the course of the weekend. We toasted with Champagne, had cake, we sang, and toasted some more…

She emailed me when she got home and said, “I think you all said happy birthday more than 75 times.”

This photograph of Joyce was taken in 1963 at my Nana & Papa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party. Here, she was making a toast to her in-laws. We made the photo into a card and decorated it with her favorite – butterflies.
As kids, whenever we would ask how old she was, she would always say 29. So…
Joyce turns 29…
…for the 47th time!
Happy Birthday Ma!
We Love You.

26 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes”

  1. I love good recipes, but I linger longer over personal stories. You are good children whose Ma should be very proud.

  2. Your mom outdid Jack Benny by ten years! : D Happy Birthday, Joyce!

    Thanks for sharing the day with us, Lori Lynn.

  3. That is so sweet, the postcard, the way you celebrated her b-day 75 times in one week-end, your mom must be very happy!
    Happy 29th birthday Mrs Lori Lynn’s mom 😛

  4. A very very happy birthday to your lovely mom! You are such sweet kids to celebrate her birthday more than 75 ways! 🙂

  5. It sounds like it was a beautiful birthday. You mom was so lovely at 29, and I’m sure she is just as lovely at 75.


    Hi Lor

    Yes I have seen the comments and they just about knocked me over. I find it hard to believe so many people who don’t even know me took the time to wish me a happy birthday in such a sweet way and I thank them all. Now that’s the frosting on the cake!! Especially after such a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas.

    Love you


  7. Happy birthday to your mamma! How wonderful to celebrate such a monumental birthday with your family in Vegas!! I had a little chuckle over the "29th birthday." My son went through a phase where he was asking my age all the time & I finally told him the truth: All women stop aging at 29. Your mom sounds like a gem – certainly worth 75+ toasts to her birthday.

    xoxox Amy

  8. Lori, It was great fun to be part of the group at Fromagerie. I look forward to your trip back east in December us all to do it again. Our table is waiting! Susan

  9. My mother says she was just about knocked over by your comments. Thanks so much everyone! With 25 comments now she has had over 100 birthday wishes!

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