Turkey Mushroom Barley Soup

Doesn’t soup just hit the spot after the holiday meals?

Feeling lucky? Carve the wishbone from the turkey breast. Clean and dry the wishbone. Two people each grasp one end and twist until it breaks. The person left with the longer piece (the one who got the “lucky break”) gets to make a wish, a wish to be granted by the great turkey spirits!

Cooking the carcass for soup makes the kitchen smell like Thanksgiving all over again. I break up the carcass then simmer it for a few hours in water with rough chopped onions, carrots, and celery. Strain, cool, refrigerate overnight, remove some fat.
Add 2 bay leaves to the turkey stock and a generous cup of pearl barley. Cook for about an hour or so until the barley is tender. Meanwhile sauté chopped onions, celery, and carrots in butter until soft, then add sliced crimini mushrooms, and finally chopped garlic.
When the barley is tender, add the vegetables and leftover diced turkey to the soup. Simmer for about 10 minutes more, remove the bay. To finish, add chopped parsley. Salt and pepper to taste.
Wishbone lucky break or not,
May all your holiday wishes come true…

42 thoughts on “Turkey Mushroom Barley Soup”

  1. LL, Oh that’s so funny! We were on the same wave length! Crimini mushrooms too! It looks like a winter wonderland here right now, and it’s about 29 degrees, I just had a bowl, and you’re right. It just hit the spot!

  2. That’s a beauty of a soup and it brings back memories from when I was a kid. My mom always had my brother and I pull on the wishbone!

  3. This is a delicious, nutritious and hearty soup! I love the fiber content of barley and the wonderful taste of mushroom. This soup will definitely be a hit in this kitchen! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the Blog of Note.

    Great food porn! The recipes read deliciously, and the photos are fabulous!


  5. I love your blog…its so exciting and great to read. Im just thrilled that google selected your blog for the blog notes. Otherwise I would have never of found it.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and showing us the wonderful food. You really can taste your food with your eyes. My stomach growls everytime!!


  6. Phyllis Richman, the great former Washington Post food critic taught me to use those bones from the Thanksgiving turkey to make great soup stock. Ever since, we have enjoyed leftover turkey soup! I shall try your barley tipp, sounds too delicious to miss. Thank you! 🙂

  7. What a spread! I can actually smell it all!!! Can’t taste any of it though, how sad!

    Your blog site is one of the two I discovered today that have absobloominglutely made my day. The other is


    I’ll make enough money from this other site and then come learn how to eat from you!!!

    Please keep it going till then!!!

  8. 1. Love the barely addition.
    2. that soup looks so creamy and thick – with no cream.
    3. i wish i celebrated turkey day in my own apt. this year so i could’ve done something w/ the leftovers.

  9. We always make soup, wild mushroom, wild rice and turkey soup. But this barley one sounds super good and good for you.

  10. Oh why oh why did I have to look at your blog late at night?

    I’m absolutely starving and craving that soup right now!!!

  11. Geez, YUM! My husband made an excellent post-Thanksgiving soup, but I’d almost just as soon have photos like these. They last longer and somehow taste almost as good!

  12. Hi, just found your blog from blogger. And I’m an instant fan! You have an amazing blog with amazing photo skills. I love your blog. Have a good day =)

  13. I stumbled upon your blog. Love the food photography, and you are inspiring me to actually cook a meal!


  14. Great looking soup!

    I like soup with all the little pieces in it, not so much into soup without texture. Anyone here do tomato soup? I do like that with grilled cheese, but honestly it isnt my number one pick.

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