Foie Gravy

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Want to impress your guests? Flambé !!!
Gravy is a key component to Thanksgiving dinner, no? This year, inspired by the fond memories of foie gras, I thought Foie Gravy would be a nice companion to the traditional style gravy. Kinda like giblet gravy but with liver only, lots of liver. I do not expect everyone to be a fan, I know my mother isn’t! But for those who love liver, this is for you!
Note: I am not able to light food on fire and photograph at the same time. This photo credit goes to Lena, our lovely guest from Germany.
Clean and rinse at least a pound of chicken/turkey livers. Sauté in butter until cooked through, then informedly add about 1/4 cup Cognac.  Do try this at home, but not before reading flambé tips first, linked from the Caramelized Apples Flambéd with Cognac post. Add fried sage leaves, salt and pepper. Coarsely chop.

Make your fabulous gravy as usual. Reserve half of your gravy for non-liver lovers.  Take the other half and add lots o’ liver. Don’t be shy.
If you would like my gravy recipe feel free to email me. And if you have a gravy recipe that rocks, please share!

15 thoughts on “Foie Gravy”

  1. wow…those are 2 interesting comments preceding me 🙂

    On to your post. That’s a very interesting approach to the gravy that adds a real richness to the dinner, as if…

    Great shot of the skillet by your houseguest.

  2. I wish I could pull something like that for my guests when I’m cooking. Oh I’m referring to the first image. I’m no professional in the kitchen…just an experimenter if there is such a word.

  3. Despite my aversion to liver, I would give this a go…I’ll try anything once and yes, liver is sampled yearly to see if my tastes have changed.

  4. I love me some giblet gravy– but this looks out-of-this-world decadent! We have a local version here that not only uses liver but also sugar in the gravy (for use with roast pork); it’s like crack really.

  5. Dear Anon – this gravy is made with chicken and turkey livers. Since the whole turkey only comes with one liver, I supplement that with regular chicken livers I get from the butcher. Foie means liver in French, not a method. Thanks for your question.

  6. o my gosh, these dishes have me screaming they look so good. I love all presentation of the food. Gravy never looks appetizing though.

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