Duck Taco and Presidential China

Duck Breast Taco
Flour Tortilla, Heated over an Open Flame
Napa Cabbage, Scallions, Cilantro, Serrano Chiles
Drizzled with Crema Mexicana and Hoisin Sauce

It arrived in two days! I ordered the Lincoln Presidential China dinner plate on Inauguration Day from the Reagan Library Museum Store and received it on Thursday afternoon. It is beautiful, substantial, completely functional, and far exceeded my expectations. The border is a fabulous shade of purple. It comes in a gorgeous box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a recipe for a dish President Lincoln enjoyed, Chicken Fricasse, which I plan to make soon.
Along with the recipe came this bit of history:  Mary Todd Lincoln was a dignified and charming hostess who enjoyed social affairs. She introduced the practice of ornamenting the Presidential tables with fragrant natural flowers where previously artificial flowers had served as decorations. The Lincolns extended a cordial welcome at their receptions to all classes of people not just the social elite. President Lincoln was probably the smallest eater of all the presidents, often making a meal out of an apple and a piece of cheese. He did, however, enjoy a meal featuring chicken. Chicken Fricasse was one of his favorites.

Since the dinner plate arrived within 48 hours of Our Inaugural Meal, I just happened to have a cooked leftover duck breast on hand. I warmed up the sliced duck breast, heated a flour tortilla on the grill, added shredded napa cabbage, thinly sliced serrano chiles, cilantro, and sliced scallions, drizzled on crema Mexicana and Hoisin sauce then served it on my new dinner plate. As tasty as this was, I hope I’m not breaking protocol by serving leftovers on Presidential China!

This dinner plate has been authentically re-created
from the White House china pattern
used during the Administration of
Sixteenth President of the United States of America
1861 – 1865

New Castle, Pa.

24 thoughts on “Duck Taco and Presidential China”

  1. I sure no President would turn up his nose to these kinds of leftovers! That looks delicious and the china is fantastic!

  2. Chicken fricassé is a favorite of mine too. I’ll look forward to your posting the Lincolns’ version. P.S. I love those duck tacos you made.

  3. Leftovers maybe, delicious definitely 🙂
    I didn’t realise one could order Presidential China. I love anything with a history! And you’ll never want for dinner conversation.

  4. That is a great take on the duck that the inaugural luncheon was serving. I just love a good taco. And I love that you got the plate. Awesome.

  5. Beautiful plates, LoriLynn!
    I would love to eat off Presidential plates…I wonder if the French have the same tradition?
    I wonder if the President (USA) ever has to eat leftovers?
    It seems rather sad if he doesn’t get to…Hmmmm

  6. I’m sure honest Abe would have loved your duck tacos. I loved how you mixed Asian and Latin flavors in this dish.

  7. I can see a cookbook in your future, tentatively titled “Presidential Leftovers” (I am sure you’ll find a more enticing title! *smile*).

    Wishing you a wonderful sunny day,
    and thanking you for bringing a bit of sunshine here, even though its raining, snowing, raining today!

  8. With a title like that, how could I not run right over and check it out? The duck tacos look divine. I’ll be right over.

  9. “I can see a cookbook in your future, tentatively titled “Presidential Leftovers” (I am sure you’ll find a more enticing title! *smile*). “
    hahahaha! Surely it’s a funny name!

    Interesting story of Lincoln, and nice china.

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    I’ve been looking for good places to eat in Guadalajara and Taco Fish La Paz in Guadalajara sounds like just the place.

    Fortunately, I live in Ajijic, Jalisco so the trip is a short one.

    My mouth is watering,


    Joe Chapala
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