Salade des Haricots Verts et Pâté

A Salad of Haricots Verts and Chicken Port Pâté
Over Butter Lettuce
With Shallots and Parsley
Drizzled with Dijon Vinaigrette

As you may have read in a previous post, we are hosting another themed dinner party soon, this one honoring Jackie. So I am researching my cookbooks for the party’s menu. First I came across the fabulous green risotto in Cooking for Madam, and now I am inspired by Marta’s Salade D’Haricots Verts. This is no ordinary green bean salad! It is paired with pâté! Marta prepares hers with foie gras. It would be excellent with a salmon, or seafood, or vegetable pâté as well.

Here, tender butter lettuce leaves are arranged on a plate with lots of chopped fresh parsley, add haricots verts and similar sized slices of chicken port pâté. Drizzle with Dijon vinaigrette and garnish with thinly sliced shallots.
The haricots verts were pre-cooked until just tender, shocked in ice water to preserve color. Serve all the ingredients at room-temperature for full flavor. The textures are luxurious and the cut of the pâté mirroring the beans makes a lovely presentation.
Great for a luncheon with crusty French bread and a glass of Grüner Veltliner, or as a smaller portion for a start to an elegant dinner.

We continue to be in love with Grüner Veltliner. This darling Austrian white wine pairs so well with many luncheon salads. I suspect it has something to do with the time of day as well as the wine’s character: Fresh. Juicy. Complex. Bright. Balanced. Intriguing.
If you have any ideas for our upcoming Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis dinner party please leave a comment!

11 thoughts on “Salade des Haricots Verts et Pâté”

  1. I know that her favorite dish was filet of sole – probably because it was so low in calories. She also like clambakes.

  2. That salad looks tres tres French… and Delicious!

    Locke Ober Restaurant in Boston has a Lobster Stew that was JFK’s favorite in the day and is still on the menu. Has lots of cream, sherry and a pinch of paprika and cayenne.

  3. J’aime bien cette salade Lory Lynn :). I can imagine the mild crunch of tender lettuce going very well with the creamy pâté.

  4. This just sings “Spring” to me! And so elegant! I’m going to look for the wine.

  5. Hi Mary – I love Petrale Sole, maybe we’ll make that. Thanks for the idea.

    HI Julia – sounds extravagant. Great for a starter course?

    Hi Elra – lots of chicken liver pate. That the only one, but it is creamy and could not really be cut up for this salad. How ’bout you?

    Ah foodbin – that is a controversial issue, indeed.

    Hi Lore – it is a great combo, too bad I didn’t think of it as an original!

    TW – you must try this wine, it is affectionately called “Groovy.”

  6. Must tell you I’m not a fan of pate but you sure do make it look good. I think I would even come to your party and have a bite???

  7. That chicken port pate looks wonderful with the Haricots verts. And the butterleaf must round it all out so nicely!I can imagine how delicious this was Lori Lynn!

  8. I really enjoyed this post. I recreated the bean salad-the combination of flavors, colors, and textures was sublime-I loved it. I was also inspired to pull out one of my Kennedy books “In The Kennedy Style” and made the Lobster Bellevue” from that book. It might make an interesting addition to your menu. I blogged about both dishes on Kitchen Inferno. I look forward to reading about your dinner.

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