Gordita de Langosta y Mas!

Gordita de Langosta
Lobster with Soft Handmade Tortilla
Maine Lobster, Sweet Corn Polenta, Arugula
Chile & Cilantro Oils

My dear friend of three decades, Rob Fischer, has opened another restaurant! If you’ve been to Palo Alto, you probably have had the best burger and milkshake of your life at the The Creamery, a classic and delicious American diner. In February Rob opened Reposado, fine Mexican cooking in an awesome space on Hamilton Avenue where the the atmosphere is fabulous, fun, and energized. If you find yourself in Palo Alto, California, definitely visit REPOSADO RESTAURANT, say hello to Rob and tell him Lori Lynn sent you!
UPDATE: I just spoke with Rob. Mention Lori Lynn’s blog and he will be more than happy to serve you a complimentary appetizer with your meal! YAY! Oh, definitely take him up on this!

The Best-You’ve-Ever-Had Handmade Corn Tortillas
Cooked to Order on the Comal

Trio of Corn Dishes
Crema de Elote
Cream of Sweet Corn Soup
Fire Roasted Poblano Chile, Habanero Oil
Elote Asado
Grilled Corn on the Cob
Lime Butter, Crema, Cotija Cheese
Creamy Sweet Corn with Pasilla Chile Rajas

Huachinango Asado
Achiote & Citrus Marinated Red Snapper
Jicama Mango Pico de Gallo, Green Rice

Two Handmade Tamales
Chicken Tamal & Salsa Verde
Mushroom Tamal & Guajillo Salsa
Refried Beans

Carne a la Parilla
Adobo Marinate Skirt Steak
Creamy Sweet Corn, Black Bean Quesadilla

What are you drinking?
Handcrafted Margaritas.
Premier Tequila Library.
Their motto: Eat. Drink. Relax.

Commissioned Paintings
By Fine Artist Miguel Cortez, a native of Guanajuato, Mexico

Flan de Coco
Raisin Apple Compote

Taquitos de Almendra
Almond Wafers with Papaya Crema Fresca, Tropical Fruit Salsa
Coconut Tapioca Foam, Mango Sorbet

I spy frijoles…Remember My Legume Love Affair! Por favor, join in the fun and contribute a tasty legume-centric dish to this global event for the month of May. Please visit THIS POST for details!

28 thoughts on “Gordita de Langosta y Mas!”

  1. Gosh, these are gorgeous and delicious looking food!

    Oh my this is so close by to where I live. I’ll have to let my husband know about it. Really, I can say that? LL sent me? I’ll try, that’ll be nice to say hello to Rob!

  2. LL,
    You asked what I was drinking….
    Hendricks on the rocks, a splash of tonic and 2 limes.
    Wish I were in Calif., that food looks damn good!

  3. Those look so good. I have a couple of cousins living in Palo Alto. I think I may bribe them in giving the place a try.

  4. There’s the grilled corn on the cob!! Glad that I’m not the only one substituting the traditional mayonnaise. Lime butter…how interesting!!

  5. Ooh, I’ve never been to a fine Mexican restaurant– will need to seek one out now! 🙂

  6. Lori Lynn,

    You’ve done a great job of capturing the experience at Reposado…and I can attest to the fact that they’re the “Best-You’ve-Ever Had Handmade Corn Tortillas”. Trust me, I know mexican food.


  7. That all looks so good! When is he opening up in Boston?

    I’m thinking I might have to try that Lobster dish…

  8. I will try to visit Palo Alto soon. All the dishes you show look great. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. My husband grew up in the area, my first visit he brought me to the Creamery. When he was in school he actually used to work down the street. Palo Alto was sorely in need of a good Mexican restaurant – we’ll definitely be trying this…now if only I could get the inlaws to try Mexican…..

  10. Wonderful and creative looking food…I would definitely order the gordita de langosta and the huachinango! Good luck to Rob…and if I’m ever in Palo Alto, I know where to go!

  11. I have a dear friend with connections to Palo Alto. He grew even dearer to me while reading this post! Mamma mia, all the food I crave and don’t get here in Vienna! Adobo, heavens help me! 🙂

  12. WOW, they all look so good…yummie! Too bad it is too far from where we live (Southern California). By the way, thank you so much for visiting my site.

  13. Everything looks delicious!!

    I hope you fared well during the earthquake. They said it was south of L.A. My mother in law is in Belmont Shore L.B., she felt it pretty good.

  14. I don’t know where to begin, it all looks so good! The corn dishes look absolutely mouth watering! I love it!Palo Alto here I come!

  15. Hey All!

    Thanks for your nice comments. Rob is looking forward to meeting you. EAT. DRINK. RELAX.

    Lori Lynn

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