Daikon Love

Panko Crusted Swordfish
Grated Daikon, Pea Sprouts, Lemon

Is it possible to love radish?
Truffle, Caviar, Oyster, Foie Gras, Beans – – sure, but RADISH?
Refreshing, crisp, spicy, clean, lively, piquant.
Brings a freshness and vitality to so many dishes.

Chicken Soup with Noodles
Cabbage, Tofu, Pea Sprouts
Topped with Cool Grated Daikon

Peel, then simply slice or grate.

Pho Broth:
daikon, oxtail, beef short ribs
charred onion & ginger
cinnamon & spices

In that cute Pho toasted spice bundle above?
garlic, szechuan peppercorns
star anise, whole cloves

As a condiment to sashimi
with ikura (salmon roe) & radish sprouts
Sliced Daikon and Somen Noodle Beef Broth Soup
Cilantro, Scallion, Red Jalapeño
Daikon Love: Such a versatile vegetable! Enjoy raw or cooked, pickled, or in soup, or in salad, stir-fry, baked, broiled…love to hear how you use it! I like the beautiful white color and cool balance of the grated daikon in contrast to a nice crusted piece of fish. It is rich in vitamin C, low in calories, and contains enzymes that aid in digestion.
Happy Mother’s Day

We had an unexpected Mother’s Day celebration. My sweet mom, Joyce, spent the last two days here. You might remember Joyce from her 75th birthday posted last October? She lives in Santa Barbara, California and was evacuated from her home due to the wild fires. She received a phone call at 3 AM Friday from the Fire Department alerting her to be ready to evacuate. Later that morning, she was on her way here to Los Angeles.
We had such a nice time chit-chatting (as she calls it), doing a little sight-seeing at the Port of Los Angeles, watching a movie, and making a big pot of Matzoh Ball Soup together. For me, fixing the soup together was the highlight of the weekend. She just now left to drive back home, about two hours north of here, as the evacuation orders have been lifted and the fires are no longer threatening homes in her area. Thank goodness. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by these fires.
Happy Mother’s Day.

41 thoughts on “Daikon Love”

  1. Glad to know that your mom can go back to her home. It is a sad thing when a natural disaster like this wild fire happen. My hearts and prayers also for all of those who have been affected by these fires.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful mother’s day as well.

    In Asia, we cook lot’s of this daikon. We also had soup made out of this, with some fried sprinkle edamame as garnish. It’s so delicious. Thanks for posting this, it makes me remember the daikon soup that I used to have when was growing up.

  2. A disaster for your mom, but a special mother’s day gift for you. I’m glad to know that she and her home are safe.

    Oh, you’re famous Matzoh Ball Soup – now that’s comfort food.

    …and there’s those delicious short ribs, again, in the Pho Broth! Yum!

  3. I’m glad your mom and her home are safe.

    I love daikon especially in soups. I’m craving for some right about now.

  4. This was such a lovely post Lori Lynn. I am so glad your Mom was able to return home, I see we are neighbors! It sounds like a blessing in disguise for the two of you, getting to spend a little time together.
    Your recipes are so perfect, I wish I could cook like you, but you inspire!
    Happy Mother’s Day to Mom’s everywhere!
    ♥ Lori

  5. I’ve seen so many recipes using daikon, but it’s currently on my intimidating vegetables list.

  6. great looking spread, Lori. Chit chat with mom is always great, especially when it’s accompanied by wonderful food! I hope you enjoyed your mother’s day!

  7. I bought one just the other day..it was sold to me as ..”chinese raddish”! I used mine just sliced in a salad and enjoyed the peppery taste…Thanks for all the other great ideas!!!

  8. i like Daikon in beef brisket soup,

    With your crusted swordfish-it definitely will lends a refreshing taste!

  9. Hope everythings will be better for your Mom…
    This meal set is just mind blowing:)
    Always love daikon, specially with noodle.

  10. I’ve got some radishes coming in soon…. I was less excited about them until I read your post! Versitale and spicy. Yum!

    That’s so great that you could help out your mom. Hope her house survived.

  11. I had gotton Daikon from my CSA last year and wasn’t really sure what to do with it. Now you’ve given me all sorts of ideas. Glad you mom is able to return home.

  12. Never had diakon before but I’m a big fan of roots so I’ll bet that I’d love it.

  13. Oh my! I’m going to try that tonight. I finally posted the “legume craft” yesterday. Thanks for the delicious recipe.

  14. HI EVERYONE – Thanks for your nice comments. My mom, Joyce, is home now and safe. We appreciate your concern.
    Lori Lynn

  15. I’m almost embarassed to say I’ve never so much as tasted diakon – thanks for posting this. Pho soup is my all time favourite. I have to try this.

  16. food looks and sounds delish! glad you had a nice mother’s day celebration with your mom. i send good thoughts to her and others affected by the fires.


  17. Glad your mom is ok. I have a friend in S.B. who was packing up her car “just in case” and fortunately didn’t need to move out. The daikon looks intriguing – it’s something I’ve never eaten before.

  18. It is quite rare to hear about radish enjoyment! Almost everyone immediately claims to dislike radish. I love it and your recipes – great combination of textures – one thing daikon radish is great at!
    Thanks for checking me out at foodalogue 🙂

  19. I don’t work with daikon much, but I should. I love radishes, especially those cute little french breakfast radishes.

  20. What a lovely post and glad all is well. These are some new ingredients for me – an Italian cook but look to scrumptious to not play with – thanks!

  21. Glad you had the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom. Yes I do remember that post! xox

  22. Sometimes good things come out of not so pleasant circumstances. Would have loved to sneak in and see you prepare Matzoh Ball Soup, not my forte (I do a mean farina dumpling soup, which looks a bit like Matzoh, but without its distinct texture).

  23. I love the idea of crusted swordfish, I’ll have to try that. And your spice bundle must have produced some beautiful aroma’s.:)

    I’m glad your mom was able to escape to your home. The Saturday before Mom’s Day we were also trying to convince my sister and her family to come down our way.. but as it was, she and her husband were packing up her mother in law. I’m glad they are now safe!

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