Chicago Style Hot Dog

Chicago Style: dragged through the garden
I have been in Chicago visiting my family. Grew up there on the North Side in West Rogers Park. Cubs fan. Hot Dog fan, too. Loved Fluky’s back then. Does anyone remember Terry’s Hot Dog Stand on Touhy Avenue? It was our hangout.
Every time I go back to Chicago to visit my brother Don, my sister-in-law Kristy and nephews Stone (7) and Jett (almost 5, he is counting the days) which is quite often actually, we observe a few important culinary traditions:
  1. They take me somewhere to enjoy a Chicago Style hot dog or Polish sausage. This time it was Chicago’s Dog House in Lincoln Park.
  2. I cook a meal with my nephews. Together we made Panko Crusted Turbot with tartar sauce and ketchup.
  3. I cook dinner for the adults at least one night. This time twice, one night had to be the Award Winning Mushroom Agnolotti recipe!
  4. We dine out at one of Chicago’s top restaurants. We ate at a wonderful hot new place called Sunda New Asian Cuisine this time, but the highlight of the trip was a home cooked meal by the amazing and über-talented Top Chef Stephanie Izard at Don & Kristy’s home. I can’t wait to share that meal with you all!
  5. We always eat lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab on Grand & Rush before Kristy drives me to O’Hare to fly home.

I am particularly fond of Hot Doug’s but this time, happy to try some place new, we went to Chicago’s Dog House.

We all liked the “Frips.” A cross between fries and potato chips.

They originally tried to do this by hand, but it took way too long for all the customers in line, so now they’re using an auger.

Daddy Style: My brother likes to try the specialty of the house. Here is the Duck Sausage with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions and Dijon mustard.

You might know me as Lori Lynn, but my “real” name is Aunt GeeGee. One day when my little brother, Don, was almost two years old and I was three, my dad took me on an outing.
My little bro was inconsolable. He cried and cried out for GeeGee. My mother did not know what GeeGee meant.  She tried everything from food, to changing his diaper, to toys – but he still cried until I came home with my father. And then my little brother sighed his relief when his “GeeGee” returned.
As we got a little older, the name GeeGee (pronounced like the clarified butter X 2) morphed to Geeg. And then in high school, it wasn’t cool anymore and Geeg became Lori. Over forty years later after my little brother had kids, the name GeeGee has now become cool again. Stone and Jett only know me as Aunt GeeGee. YAY! Yay for silly names, old memories, and traditions.
The Kids Fix Dinner with Aunt GeeGee

Back at their house: Jett and Stone crusting the fish for dinner. Flour, egg, breadcrumbs. The flour got a little messy. Oh well. Stone said the fish was “good,” and gave the thumbs up sign.

Stone Style: My seven-year-old nephew has loved onions ever since he was a baby. He prefers his hot dog with ketchup and onions. Jett prefers just ketchup, and is not too keen on the poppy seeds.

The family enjoys lunch at Chicago’s Dog House in Lincoln Park. Aunt GeeGee happily sat between the boys.


22 thoughts on “Chicago Style Hot Dog”

  1. Great post, LL. I want to try the dog that Don had – Duck sausage with mushrooms – yum! (minus the onions, of course). But, more than that, I look forward to the day that I can visit Chi-Town with you and the family. Sounds like a great time!

  2. Now that's a hot dog! Aye, you got my tummy growling! I grew up across Lk MI from Chicago but haven't lived there in many years. Out here people can't do a decent dog, got to do them @ home. But I know what's for dinner tonight.

  3. I have yet to try a Chicago style hot dog, But I've seen them featured on many shows. They're just to packet with the good stuff. I want some of those Frips, though. That's so cool!

  4. Thx GeeGee, a lovely post to read….this is the reason why I am NIna, my real name is Nerina, but my brother and sister's little ones started calling me Nina…now it is my "brand" name!!!

  5. Dying for a hot dog now and those fried potatoes! YUM!!! Must leave your site fast… getting hungry by the photo!

  6. I'm not much of a hot dog fan but these do look good especially with those fries. Very cute kids too! Love the book he's reading.

  7. Great post and lovely memories. I wanna try this Chicago Style Hot Style, it looks amazing! And the frips are so cool!

  8. I wish we could have met up.Let me know when you come this way again. How lucky you got to meet and dine on Stephanie Izards food! The talent in this city i amazing.

  9. I remember Terry’s, on Touhy between Washtenaw and California. I worked there most of my high school years, 1971 through 1974, plus the summer between my first and second years of college, 1975. The summer of 1971 was the last of the tin shack, replaced by a more substantial brick structure right next to it (took about 2 minutes to knock down the tin shack after the new building was ready).

    1. Hi Craig – did you go to Sullivan? We just had our reunion, class of 1973. We went to Rogers and ate at Terry’s all the time, that was through 1969. I don’t remember hanging out at Terry’s once we went to high school. Maybe our paths crossed? Thanks for your comment on this old post.

    2. I remember Terry’s, too. We used to go there for lunch (walked from Rogers Elementary) all the time. Scarfed down hot dogs with piles of French fries drowning in ketchup, then bought Watchamacallit bars and Charleston Chews at Cal-Touhy. Sometimes stopped in the Chandlers to buy stickers. Damn, that was a million years ago.

  10. I SO remember Terry’s! It was my favorite place to spend some of my allowance in the early 60’s. I went to Rogers Elementary (Anyone remember Dr. Elkins>) and Lane Tech later on. I miss it. I can remember buying a Vienna Beef Hot Dog with all the trimmings on a black poppy seed bun of course, a sack of greasy fries that tasted great and a Coke for $.39 cents back in 1965!

    And it was right down the street from the Panama-Beaver Corporation. My mom worked there for about 3 years in the 60’s. I grew up at 2540 West Fitch, which is still there, but many things I grew up with are gone

    Remember the Nortown Theater, or Hobby Models at Devon and Western? I sure do! Fifty years later I still remember it all!

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