A Very Special Kind of Cupcake

dog kibble cupcake

On the counter sat  25 homemade Swedish cupcakes.

Earlier that day our 11-year-old neighbor and her friend had stopped by to play with Wilson.
They could see I was very busy cooking and setting the tables for a big dinner party.

After a while they left, but were back about an hour later.

“How many people will be at your dinner party?”
“What time does it start?”
7 o’clock
“OK, good, we have time to make dessert for your party.”

I said, “We already have two gourmet desser…oh, you like to bake? Sure, of course, that would be lovely, girls. Thank you so much.”

A few hours later they came back in their aprons with a platter of their signature cupcakes.

swedish cupcakesSwedish Cupcakes with Fruit

One cupcake was very different from the rest, the girls made it for Wilson. And it just so happens that Wilson’s wonderful veterinarian and her husband were guests at the dinner party that night. Being in the midst of a remodel, they came into the kitchen to discuss ranges and noticed the platter of cupcakes. Dr. Jones took a closer look, “Is that …dog kibble??” I shared the story of the cupcakes, and how fortunate Wilson and I are to have such kind and generous neighbors.

Happy Adoption Day
happy got 'em day
Dear Lori,
Thank you for sharing your home and showering Wilson with love.
We are thrilled that you love all things that snort and snore –
and bring so much joy to our lives. Wishing you and Wilson a “pawtastic’ adoption day!
Boston Buddies

I adopted Wilson 5 years ago from Boston Buddies Southern California Boston Terrier Rescue.

Wilson is 8 years old now; we got him after Homer passed. Five years ago, poor Wilson was brutally attacked by another dog, his eye severely damaged. And then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, his previous owners decided to dump him at a shelter. Boston Buddies rescued Wilson, but were unable to save his eye. Yet, in spite of his bad experience, Wilson is a love bug. I read about him on their website and soon after, he came to live with us. He and Mrs. O’Mally were great pals.

Boston Terrier

On a very sad note, just this week Wilson’s blood work indicated the onset of Cushing’s Disease. This is heartbreaking news, as my previously rescued Bostons, Mrs. O’Mally and Homer, both passed away from complications related to the disease two years after showing symptoms. In the meantime, Wilson will continue to receive top notch medical care, unlimited love and affection, fluffy pillows, long walks, play dates with the neighbors, and special treats…including an occasional doggie cupcake.

Homer’s story here.
Mrs. O’Mally’s story here.

26 thoughts on “A Very Special Kind of Cupcake”

  1. Awww. I LOVE the kibble cupcake. I used to make birthday cakes out of dog food for my dogs when I was little and I am sad to say that although our dog still gets lots of treats – they are a lot less imaginitive these days. I really need to make him something great for his next birthday.
    I hope that Wilson’s Cushing’s behaves itself for as long as possible. He is obviously a well loved dog and popular with the neighbours too!

  2. Aww, Lori–

    Teary on this one. I know both the sorrow of losing a dog, and the joy of bringing home a rescue. We have a labradoodle that has been with us for 4 years. Rescue dogs always seem to appreciate the home you provide for them. Based on the pics above, Wilson has it pretty good 🙂

  3. Reading this post, I couldn’t help but smile in the beginning, at the generosity and energy of your young neighbors and at your description of Wilson. I’m saddened to hear about the results of Wilson’s blood work, but I’m confident that he’ll be loved even more for it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful blog post. You are a very special person, I can see that. You have lovely young girls that want to help you bake, and a wonderful dog to care for. My prayers are with you.


  5. Oh I can see from Wilson’s expression that he is a special character. I am so sorry his tests came back with troubling news. Enjoy every moment together while you can. You are very kind to have adopted Wilson and given him a loving home.

  6. Such a sweet and loving post. We adopted Sadie 8 years ago from a shelter. Three years ago she went blind and I am amazed how she knows when there is food in someone’s hand and still will sit close hoping (not begging) for a morsel. Sadie has aged. We cherish our time with her – providing love and shelter for our furry friends is always a privilege. I just may make her a cupcake today.

  7. I am saddened by the news of Wilson’s blood work, my prayers are with him and your family. And the girls are such sweethearts! I’m sure they see they see the example of kindness that you have set for them. Plus their cupcakes look scrumptious. thank you for sharing your story, and once again I’m so sorry for the news. Hang in there and give Wilson a big hug and kiss for me! Have a wonderful weekend =]

    1. Thank you Ky. The girls were so excited, and you know, their cupcakes were a hit too. Surprisingly not too sweet.
      Wilson is getting extra hugs and kisses.

  8. I’m touched by the amount of love that you have for your dog. I was never allowed to have a pet when I was growing up, but I can imagine how devastating this must be. I can tell that Wilson loves you guys back with the same type of unconditional nature.

  9. Wilson is such a fine, fine fellow. I’ve always admired how you’ve written about him. I am very glad he found a loving home with you, LL. I’ve endured several of these losses in last few years, with another predicted by year’s end. It never gets easier, but knowing you do the best within your control is something of a comfort. Please give your boy a big kiss from me.

  10. Lori Lynn, thanks for the blessing of reading the story of you and Wilson today. When I stop crying, I’ll also read about about dear Homer and Mrs. O’Malley. I wish Wilson the best. He’s darling, and lucky to finally have the love he deserves. I’ve passed your well-wishes on to Murray.

    With kind thanks,

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