How to Make Meyer Lemon Confit

meyer lemon confit

“I add lemon confit to so many dishes—from broiled fish to pork and beans.”
Eric Ripert of New York City’s Le Bernardin


preserved meyer lemon
6 or 7 Meyer lemons are scrubbed clean and dried.
5 c. kosher salt are mixed with 5 T. sugar.

preserved meyer lemon

The lemons are quartered.

preserved meyer lemon

Lemons are tossed in the sugar salt mixture.

preserved meyer lemon

Lemons are packed in layers surrounded by the sugar salt mixture.
Then remaining sugar salt mixture is poured over the lemons so they are completely submerged.

Cover, date, and refrigerate. Wait patiently (minimum of 2 weeks).


preserved meyer lemon

Remove lemons from the salt mixture. Rinse well and pat dry.

preserved meyer lemon

Remove the flesh.

Slice the peel into thin strips.

Scrape away any remaining pith.

preserved meyer lemon

Voila! Ready to use.

preserved meyer lemon, meyer lemon confit
Please stop by later to see how we’re using our lovely Meyer Lemon Confit and
please share links to your favorite recipes that include preserved lemons!

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15 thoughts on “How to Make Meyer Lemon Confit”

  1. If I close my eyes, I can still conjure the fragrance of Meyer lemons.
    I try not to be too nostalgic, seek solace with fine lemons from Italy.
    Meyers are special, though.

    Love your images of the lemons in the footed glass bowl!

  2. Oh I really want to try this. If Eric loves it, it’s got to be great. do you just throw away all the flesh and save only the peel?

  3. Oh will definitely have to try this sometime this summer! Thanks for posting – and can’t wait to see what you do with yours =)

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