For Your Next Party: Sturgeon Two Ways

smoked sturgeon, purple potato, caviar
the purple course:
smoked sturgeon and transmontanus caviar

purple potato with olive oil and fleur de sel
creme fraiche, single chive, garlic flower

catering, caviar party
Sturgeon Two Ways was one of seven courses we served at the fundraising dinner for our school this weekend. Transmontanus caviar and smoked sturgeon were paired simply with purple potato, a petite dollop of creme fraiche plus the plain adornment of a single chive and a pretty garlic flower. The society garlic blossoms have a distinct garlicky flavor which pair well with savory dishes. We deemed this the “purple course.”

update:  A friend just asked me how the purple potatoes were prepared. They were boiled in salted water until tender. Drained, left to cool, cut on a bias to get as large a slice as possible, then squared, cutting off the skin. Brushed lightly with olive oil, and seasoned with a small pinch of fleur de sel.

Transmontanus Caviar

California sustainable white sturgeon produces this elegant dark gray caviar with a flavor reminiscent of fine Ossetra (at a fraction of the cost).  It has a rich, smooth, full-bodied taste and is heralded as both bold and lush.

Transmontanus Caviar
I adore this photo of a masculine hand delicately placing a single garlic flower. And speaking of masculine hands, I would like to extend the utmost gratitude to my dear friend FA and my brother Bill for your help with this event. You know I couldn’t have done it without you.

smoked sturgeon

We served the meat of the fish together with its precious roe for Sturgeon Two Ways. The irresistible nutty caviar paired with velvety-sweet smoked sturgeon created a heady experience for the palate, indeed.

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  1. I have not had sturgeon for a while: I like it a lot. I love the purple potato squares. The final plate is simple and elegant. I am sure the guests were delighted.

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