Palate Pleaser: Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary

Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary

Palate Pleaser: Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary

Fresh ripe California Black Mission Figs are frozen overnight then run through my trusty vintage Champion Juicer. The result is pure fig, but you would swear it is gelato. The texture is extraordinarily creamy and custardy. I add a whisper of rose water to add to the mystery. Then the frozen fig is topped with salty marcona almonds, fresh piney rosemary, sweet rose crystals and a slice of fresh California Kadota fig. Petite glasses of this palate pleaser are presented on a platter lined with fresh fig leaves and rose petals.

Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary Recipe

Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary

Rinse and dry fresh ripe black mission figs, the riper the better. Cut off the stems, place in a bowl, and freeze overnight.

frozen figs

Run the frozen figs through the juicer. The purple skin and pink flesh of the Black Mission fig results in a speckled mauve-hued frozen concoction with a sweet earthy flavor.

Champion Juicer

This vintage Champion Juicer is huge, heavy, powerful – it’s quite a beast. They say it’s built to last, built right here in California.

how to make frozen fig
Whisk a small splash of rose water into the frozen figs.
Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, RosemaryRough chop marcona almonds. Finely mince fresh rosemary.

Rose Flower Crystals were a neat discovery at the Annual Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo FKA The Restaurant Show last week at the LA Convention Center. Made only of rose and sugar, they add a little sweetness, a little crunch and the sensual aroma of fresh roses. Beside crystal flowers and herbs, other trends in foodservice – baby iceberg lettuce, about the size of a softball. It is a mature head, small-sized. Can’t wait to try those at my next party. Also adored all the micro green varieties on the market – like micro okra, micro sea bean, and micro chamomile.

frozen fig
Spoon frozen fig mixture into petite glasses.
Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary
Top the frozen fig mixture with marcona almonds, rosemary, rose crystals, and a slice of fresh ripe Kadota fig. California Kadotas are a creamy amber in color with a mild sweet flavor.

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Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary
Frozen California Black Mission Fig

Fresh California Kadota Fig

Fresh Fig Leaves from the Tree on Our School Campus

figs and Roses
Summer Fest is Featuring Figs!

food network summer fest


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20 thoughts on “Palate Pleaser: Frozen Fig with Rose, Almond, Rosemary”

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, LL. I too have discovered how fabulous frozen figs are when they’re blended into smooth, creamy oblivion. I love the other flavors you’ve enhanced this dish with too!

  2. How cool that you made this in your juicer – I’ve tried making frozen banana ice cream in my slow juicer. The rose flower crystals sound like fun!

  3. The Champion rocks….=) I almost chose Figs. Glad I didn’t. You did them much better than I could have.

    Flavorful, colorful, tasty. Perfect.

  4. I would have never thought to make ‘gelato’ out of fresh figs — and now that’s all I can think of. 🙂

    P.S. You also always have the coolest accompaniments.

  5. Oh I am jealous for that juicer. I have an old Italian ice cream maker that makes perfect ice cream in 10 minutes. Big as a house, but boy does it make great ice cream. Your fig dish looks fabulous. I want to try making it with my ice cream maker because I do love figs!

  6. My friend has a fig tree in her back yard and I cannot wait to go to her house next week to pick lots of them. I did send her this post. I neve tire of always telling you the same thing…your post is perfect and I admire your work….

  7. I just got access to rose water and rose buds (food grade) and was pleasantly surprised to see an application with roses. I don’t have a juicer, but I do have a vitamix and I’m going to experiment. What a gorgeous dish, as always.

  8. That’s just frozen fig? That’s pretty amazing! As a HUGE fig lover, I have got to try this. It looks absolutely divine. One of those treat I tend to dream about. 🙂

  9. What an innovative way to serve figs. As you know, I love frozen dessert, and this one takes the prize. Figs are every where now, on blogs and hanging over neighbor’s fences! This is most welcome. Also I smiled when I spied your juicer. Mine is, I dare say of the same vintage, but I’ve got that avocado green one! Old juice freaks, unite!

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