Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

A recent trip back to Chicago was the inspiration for these Game Day sliders. Chicago is a food lover’s town! In addition to the classic hot dog/polish sausage found all over the city (try Portillo’s, Superdawg, or Hot Doug’s to name a few) we recommend some of our old favorite Chicago foods – Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Carson’s Ribs, Joe’s Stone Crabs, a delightful Thai restaurant on Granville called Summer.

Chicago hot dog aficionados will go absolutely crazy for these little sliders! Da Bears don’t need to be in the Superbowl to serve these winning Chicago-style bites!

What Makes a Classic Chicago-Style Hot Dog?

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

A Classic Chicago-Style Hot Dog Is…

A Hot Dog – preferably Vienna Beef, simmered in water (never boiled) until nice and hot
A Steamed Poppy Seed Bun – warm and soft
Yellow Mustard – not Dijon, not brown
Neon Green Relish – do not be afraid of the color, it’s classic
Diced Onion – sprinkle onion along the length of the dog
Sport Peppers – medium-hot, two peppers are the standard
Fresh Tomato – fit two half-wheels between the bun and the dog, skin-side out
Kosher Pickle Spear – crunchy and mild, not too thick, about the same length as the dog
A Dash of Celery Salt – without this final condiment, it would not be a Chicago Hot Dog!

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Ordered like this: “I’ll have a Chicago Dog with the works.”

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

By the way, any Chicagoan over 18 will tell you that putting ketchup on a Chicago hot dog is completely unacceptable. Save the ketchup for the fries.

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders Recipe

Polish Sausage Sliders Recipe

To make the buns – slice crescent roll dough into 1 ” strips. Roll up the strips to form bite-sized buns. Top with poppy seeds and bake in a 375° oven for about 8 minutes until golden. Let cool then slice in half.

Meanwhile, slice Polish sausage links on an angle. Steam until cooked through.

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

To assemble the sliders:

  • Spread yellow mustard on both sides of the bun.
  • Place a slice of Polish sausage on the bottom bun.
  • Top with a sliced Kosher pickle and cocktail tomato.
  • Spoon finely diced onion and neon green relish on top of the tomato.
  • Add finely diced sport pepper (or pickled jalapeño).
  • Finish with a dash of celery salt.
  • Cover with the top bun and secure with a pick.

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

Small Bite for the Big Game!

Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

Thank You, Chicago!

More Chicago Dogs and Polish:

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Classic Chicago-Style Polish Sausage Sliders

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    1. But Chicago Polish is served with carmelized onion and mustard. That’s how I would do it.

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