Modern Spring Rolls – Asparagus, Ham, Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond

Modern Asparagus Spring Rolls - Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond
Modern Spring Rolls

Asparagus, Ham, Cabbage
Basil, Mint, Tarragon, Cilantro
Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond, Key Lime
Almond Butter Sauce, Sesame Chili Oil

Inspiration from two fabulous but completely diverse restaurants combined to form the basis for this Modern Spring Roll. An absolutely lovely lunch at Thai District in Long Beach, California where we were served some very herbaceous and memorable spring rolls. The other dish was what my brother and I both proclaimed “the best duck we have ever eaten” at Otium in downtown LA, which was accompanied by an elegantly rustic black sesame cashew crumble or “soil.”

Here I wanted to serve some herbaceous spring-y spring rolls in an individual presentation where the diner could enjoy asparagus with a trio of diverse sauces. Roasted almond butter sauce makes a refreshing change from the ubiquitous peanut sauce. Chili oil adds that fiery balance, while the black sesame almond soil adds a nutty crunchy texture. A squeeze of fresh key lime juice enlivens and brightens the whole plate.

Modern Spring Rolls Recipe

Modern Asparagus Spring Rolls - Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond

Almond Butter Sauce for Spring Rolls

Almond Butter Sauce for Spring Rolls

  • 1/2 c. almond butter
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 t. grated ginger
  • 2 T. tamari
  • 1 T. tamarind paste
  • 1 T. lime juice
  • 1 T. brown sugar
  • salt to taste

Process all ingredients in the bowl of a food processor. Stream in warm water (about 1/4 c.) until smooth but still thick. Add salt to taste if necessary.

Black Sesame Almond “Soil”

Process roasted almonds in a food processor until rough chopped. Add black sesame seeds and briefly process again to a crumbly consistency. Season to taste with Kosher salt.

  • 1/2 c. dry roasted almonds
  • 3 T. black sesame seeds
  • 1/2 t. Kosher salt

Assemble The Spring Rolls

Fill a pie plate with cold water. Dip a rice paper wrapper in the water until it becomes slightly pliable then spread it flat between two clean damp towels. Lift off the top towel then assemble the the roll by placing fresh herbs in a line about a third from the bottom of the wrapper. Place two asparagus spears and one ham roll on top of the herbs. Top with shredded cabbage.

Modern Asparagus Spring Rolls - Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond

  • steamed asparagus spears – seasoned with lime juice, cayenne, salt
  • very thinly sliced deli ham, tightly rolled into cylinders
  • very thinly sliced green cabbage – with squeeze of lime and pinch of salt
  • fresh herbs -basil, mint, tarragon, cilantro

Roll the bottom of the rice paper over the filling as tight as possible to complete one turn, then fold in the sides. Next, place a few more herbs on the rice paper then finish rolling into a tight package. Cut on a 45° angle.

Compose The Plate

Use a pastry brush to apply a thick coat of almond butter sauce to the plate in a circular motion. Scatter a couple tablespoons of almond soil around the center of the plate. Arrange cut spring rolls over the soil. Drizzle sesame chili oil around the plate. Garnish with fresh herbs, key limes, and sliced red chiles.

Modern Spring Rolls - Asparagus, Ham, Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond

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Modern Spring Rolls - Asparagus, Ham, Red Chili, Black Sesame, Almond

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