Lemon Meringue Pi Day

lemon meringue pie painting by Lori Lynn

Lemon Meringue Pi Day

March 14th. If you are both a math nerd and a foodie, like me, this is an especially fun day where math meets pie!

π = 3.14

Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, is an infinite irrational number that never repeats… ever… so eventually you can find your own phone number, birthday, anniversary, and any numerical significance in pi, that’s cool.

To celebrate this Pi Day, I am not baking an apple pie, nor a pizza pie, nor egg pie or quiche!

I am painting pie! Lemon Meringue. Acrylic on canvas.

My virtual lemon meringue pie pan has a diameter of  9 1/2 inches. What is the circumference you ask?

That is where my handy little mysterious irrational number comes in. The circumference is the diameter multiplied by pi.

C = dπ

9.5 X 3.141592653 = 29.845130209

So approximately 30″ around. Awesome. Thanks π!

Happy Pi Day, Everyone!