Hangtown Fry

Eggs, Bacon, Oysters
According to legend, during the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800’s, one fortunate prospector struck gold near a settlement called Hangtown, now the thriving city of Placerville. He was RICH! After subsisting on nothing more than beans since he reached California, he requested that the innkeepers at the El Dorado Hotel prepare him the most extravagant meal available. It consisted of eggs, bacon, and fresh oysters. Exactly how they prepared it is anyone’s guess, but here, I present you with our version of the legendary Hangtown Fry.

Bacon is sliced and sautéed. The fat is reserved for cooking the oysters.

Imagine the process of getting fresh oysters to Hangtown (about 130 miles) from San Francisco Bay in 1849…
Pacific coast oysters are dusted in flour, dipped in egg, coated with panko breadcrumbs then sautéed in the bacon fat with vegetable oil.

Eggs are scrambled in a non-stick skillet, whisking constantly to create a small creamy curd. Bacon is added near the end of cooking.
Original California Cuisine – The Hangtown Fry
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With what meal would you celebrate your good fortune?
Mine would definitely involve Champagne…