Braised Oxtail for Halloween?

braised oxtail with korean jeju mandarin orange, yuzu, and gooseberry

Braised Oxtail

in a sauce flavored with
Shiitake, Star Anise, Red Wine, Tamari, Garlic
Radish, Ginger, Chile, Brown Sugar, Beef Stock

garnished with
Dried Korean Jeju Mandarin Orange, Cape Gooseberry
Yuzu Zest, Cilantro, Scallion

Serve braised oxtail for Halloween? Well, you certainly could. With its rich spicy flavors and warm autumn colors… Oxtails are browned then braised for 3 hours in a two day process resulting in a sauce that is deep and layered and unctuous. Shiitake imparts earthiness while hot chiles give it a kick.

The oxtail is butter-tender but it is really the garnish that puts this dish over the top. Dried Korean Jeju mandarin orange slices add that crispy texture and a sweet-tart component that brightens the meat. Cape Gooseberries add a flavorful pop while yuzu zest adds bitter-citrusy freshness and cilantro and scallions bring the vegetal notes.

 Braised Oxtail Recipe

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