Daikon Love

Panko Crusted Swordfish
Grated Daikon, Pea Sprouts, Lemon

Is it possible to love radish?
Truffle, Caviar, Oyster, Foie Gras, Beans – – sure, but RADISH?
Refreshing, crisp, spicy, clean, lively, piquant.
Brings a freshness and vitality to so many dishes.

Chicken Soup with Noodles
Cabbage, Tofu, Pea Sprouts
Topped with Cool Grated Daikon

Peel, then simply slice or grate.

Pho Broth:
daikon, oxtail, beef short ribs
charred onion & ginger
cinnamon & spices

In that cute Pho toasted spice bundle above?
garlic, szechuan peppercorns
star anise, whole cloves

As a condiment to sashimi
with ikura (salmon roe) & radish sprouts
Sliced Daikon and Somen Noodle Beef Broth Soup
Cilantro, Scallion, Red Jalapeño
Daikon Love: Such a versatile vegetable! Enjoy raw or cooked, pickled, or in soup, or in salad, stir-fry, baked, broiled…love to hear how you use it! I like the beautiful white color and cool balance of the grated daikon in contrast to a nice crusted piece of fish. It is rich in vitamin C, low in calories, and contains enzymes that aid in digestion.
Happy Mother’s Day

We had an unexpected Mother’s Day celebration. My sweet mom, Joyce, spent the last two days here. You might remember Joyce from her 75th birthday posted last October? She lives in Santa Barbara, California and was evacuated from her home due to the wild fires. She received a phone call at 3 AM Friday from the Fire Department alerting her to be ready to evacuate. Later that morning, she was on her way here to Los Angeles.
We had such a nice time chit-chatting (as she calls it), doing a little sight-seeing at the Port of Los Angeles, watching a movie, and making a big pot of Matzoh Ball Soup together. For me, fixing the soup together was the highlight of the weekend. She just now left to drive back home, about two hours north of here, as the evacuation orders have been lifted and the fires are no longer threatening homes in her area. Thank goodness. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been affected by these fires.
Happy Mother’s Day.