Farmer Turns a City Dump into Urban Farm


Local Farmer Turns a City Dump into a Charming Urban Farm

Long littered with car bumpers, scrap metal and trash, a land plot in Long Beach, California has been transformed into an enchanting petite urban farm. There, everything is organically grown and tended to the old fashioned way— by hand, without the use of chemicals or pesticides.


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Gracious Italian Hospitality, A Most Memorable Meal

spinach agnolotti at michael's on naples ristorante, long beach


I write this post for my friends and readers in the Greater Los Angeles Area aka The Southland, all 17 million of you. And also for those who plan to visit LA or the OC anytime soon. Wherever you find yourself in this great basin of 34,000 square miles, I promise that a trip to Long Beach, or more specifically the charming neighborhood called Naples (a little island in Alamitos Bay) for a dinner at Michael’s on Naples Ristorante is well worth the drive.

Leave the food and wine choices to Executive Chef David Coleman and General Manager Massimo Aronne, as we did, and you will enjoy an Italian dining adventure like no other…Massimo’s expert wine knowledge paired with Chef Coleman’s gifted approach to Italian cooking will refresh your appetite for Italian cuisine.

The dining experience here is not only about the food, or the wine, the service or  the atmosphere – it is the synergy of all these elements. At Michael’s we feel as if we are guests in his home. The staff is professional, artfully trained yet simultaneously warm and friendly. Massimo is not only a master of Italian wine, but is generous with his knowledge and happy to share his passion. Chef Coleman’s cooking is bright and creative, while still respectful of the traditional Italian kitchen. And Michael is that ultimate gracious Italian host.

For my friends who won’t be visiting The Southland in the near future, I hope you take a look at, and gain inspiration from, Chef Coleman’s dishes – a true treat to Taste With The Eyes.

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Best Branzino This Side of Italy

whole grilled branzino
with brussels sprouts & beet greens
(always accompanied by what’s freshest at the farmer’s market)
served with confit meyer lemon oil

The eponymous name for his Italian Ristorante is immediately obvious. At Michael’s on Naples we get the extraordinary feeling that we are dining in Michael’s own home – from the warm sophisticated ambiance to the gracious hospitality and impeccable service, to the passion for food and wine…

Michael’s has been rated the #1 Italian restaurant in Long Beach and the #2 Italian restaurant in all of Los Angeles. The Branzino, a Mediterranean sea bass, is just one of many fabulous dishes, and happens to be our absolute favorite.

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