bulgogi panino ~ kimchi, cheddar, ssamjang mayo

bulgogi panino ~ kimchi, cheddar, ssamjang mayo

bulgogi panino ~ kimchi, cheddar, scallion, ssamjang mayo

Now this is a sandwich. A Korean-Italian sandwich, Bulgogi Panino. Bulgogi (literally “fire-meat”) is grilled marinated beef which is piled on a roll with kimchi, cheddar, scallions, and ssamjang mayo – then pressed and grilled on a panini maker.

The thinly sliced beef is marinated in a soy sauce-brown sugar-sesame-garlic marinade then cooked over fire. Napa cabbage kimchi and sharp cheddar cheese is one of my favorite food combinations. It simply rocks – kimchi’s zingy fermented flavors are balanced by the rich cheese. And ssamjang mayo, nothing like the ubiquitous chipotle mayonnaise, is a bit spicy but has an incredible depth of flavor. Ssamjang is a thick, spicy paste made from combining gochujang (red chili paste) with doenjang (fermented soybean paste) with sesame oil, onion, and garlic.

There is obviously no shortage of flavor going on here…

the bulgogi panino recipe

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Sándwich Cubano

The Cuban Sandwich:
A common lunch for Cuban cigar and sugar mill factory workers for over a century. Popular with Cuban immigrants in Miami and Tampa, Florida. Now this sandwich is the favorite of locals and tourists alike.
The Ingredients:
Ham, Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, and Pickle
The Spread:
Purists say yellow mustard only. Others like mayonnaise.
I made a mustard mayo blend with chopped pickled jalapeño peppers.
Spread each side of the bread with the mustard jalapeño mayonnaise.
Layer with ham and roast pork.

Slice the big pickle lengthwise. Add pickle and Swiss cheese to the sandwich.

Butter the outside of the bread then grill the sandwich on a traditional plancha, or use a panini maker. This is my new toy “The Griddler.”  I promised my brother that I would have a panini maker in time for Leftover Day, so now, on the day after Thanksgiving, we can grill up some awesome turkey sandwiches. But I’m thinking when he sees this blog post, he is going to want a Cubano too.

A tender bread with a nice crust, a piquant spread, lots of thin-sliced deli ham, melting Swiss, zesty pickle, and juicy roast pork. A sandwich masterpiece! ¿Qué piensa usted?