Sándwich Cubano

The Cuban Sandwich:
A common lunch for Cuban cigar and sugar mill factory workers for over a century. Popular with Cuban immigrants in Miami and Tampa, Florida. Now this sandwich is the favorite of locals and tourists alike.
The Ingredients:
Ham, Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, and Pickle
The Spread:
Purists say yellow mustard only. Others like mayonnaise.
I made a mustard mayo blend with chopped pickled jalapeño peppers.
Spread each side of the bread with the mustard jalapeño mayonnaise.
Layer with ham and roast pork.

Slice the big pickle lengthwise. Add pickle and Swiss cheese to the sandwich.

Butter the outside of the bread then grill the sandwich on a traditional plancha, or use a panini maker. This is my new toy “The Griddler.”  I promised my brother that I would have a panini maker in time for Leftover Day, so now, on the day after Thanksgiving, we can grill up some awesome turkey sandwiches. But I’m thinking when he sees this blog post, he is going to want a Cubano too.

A tender bread with a nice crust, a piquant spread, lots of thin-sliced deli ham, melting Swiss, zesty pickle, and juicy roast pork. A sandwich masterpiece! ¿Qué piensa usted?

33 thoughts on “Sándwich Cubano”

  1. This looks so yummy! Tonight I didn’t feel like cooking so I made grilled cheese on croissants.. this looks so much better! I wish I would have seen this a few hours earlier.. 🙂

  2. Look at you, cooking up a storm with your new panini maker! I assume everything’s ok by you, I’ve been wondering, with all those horific fires going on there.

  3. Me gusta mucho! We absolutely LOVE Cuban food. I make ropa viejo at least once a month. omplete with tostones, yellow rice & black bean. There is a great Cuban restaurant in Atlanta, but we haven't found one comparable in the entire Bay area. I wish I were making this for dinner tonight instead of my artichoke quiche….

    xoxox Amy

  4. Wow – now I am really craving a cuban sandwhich. I love the addition of pickled jalepeno in your mayo-mustard.

  5. LL,
    I love paninis and sandwiches, though not a ham fan.

    Come to NJ, we’ll make you a turkey sloppy Joe!


  6. That looks delicious! I’ve always wanted to try one of these sandwiches, but have not had the chance – I guess I will have to make one myself. Thanks!

  7. Hi Laurie – croissants sound good to me!

    Hi Marie – thank you. An we are liking the new panini maker a lot!

    Hi Ning – I really liked the jalapeno addition.

    Why not Maryann?

    Hi Foodalogue, thanks for thumbs up on authenticity.

    Hi Ohiomom – classic combo! I like the double pork too.

    How did the quiche come out Amy? Love artichoke quiche!

    Hi That Girl – and I like getting the big pickle from the deli, sliced to order.

    Hi MLV – I actually got the jalapeno idea from my butcher.

  8. Hi Mikky – really like the griddler for making a nice crust.

    Hi Darius – and the panini press makes all those good juices mingle. Sandwich heaven.

    HI Stacey – turkey sloppy Joe? Sounds great!

    Hi Maria – it's really fun isn't it?

    Hi A&B – Welcome! And when you make one, make sure to use good bread, Cuban style.

    Hi Paz – looks like a lot of people have a hankering for a sandwich right now!

  9. Caramba vendo isso fiquei com fome.Vou deixar este comentário e vou lá na cosinha comer um pão com margarina e café com leite.Brasileiros só come isso aqui é o pais da miséria..

  10. Wonderful! I like this food.
    It’s beautyful. I’m will happy when eat it!
    Food is Power of Creative.
    I come from Thailand.
    Famous Food of Thai is Tom Yum Groong and Phai Thai. Do you like Thai Food?

  11. You know that movie A League of Their Own, where Tom Hanks says:

    “There’s no crying in baseball!”?

    Well…There are no jalapeños in a Cubano Sandwich! 😉

    Other than that, it looks perfect. I myself always use butter inside instead of mustard or mayonnaise.

    Excellent blog. Will definitely come back regularly!

  12. My sincere congrats !
    Last time i had such a craving for a cuban sandwich was 1987 in West New York, NJ. Yours evokes the same. Salvatore

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