Spaghetti, Tomato Vodka Cream

Spaghetti,  Tomato Vodka Cream
Fresh Ricotta on Top

Equal amounts of olive oil and butter are heated with lots of shaved garlic and red pepper flakes. Vodka is added, raising the heat to burn off the alcohol. Add fresh or canned diced/seeded/peeled tomatoes and cream. Simmer, adjust seasonings, then toss with spaghetti. Top with fresh ricotta. I am thinking that my blogger friend, Maryann, will get a kick out of the “petite” bottle of vodka, as she kids about booze in food.

This last minute post is for my other blogger friends, Giz and Psychgrad, of Equal Opportunity Kitchen. They are hosting Presto Pasta Nights and the deadline is now! I had every intention of coming up with a unique pasta recipe for their turn (I have fresh oysters in the fridge!) but I have been very busy advising sorority recruitment at our chapter at California State University at Long Beach since last Friday.
So, if you are looking for a fast tasty pasta dish made from ingredients you always have on hand this one is a keeper.