LA Galbi and Pickled Korean Pear

LA Galbi and Pickled Korean Pear
LA Galbi and Pickled Korean Pear
Seasoned Chiffonade of Perilla, Ssamjang, Rice, Kimchi, OB

LA Galbi are grilled flanken-style (cut across the bone) beef short ribs in a Korean marinade. Curiously, this cut of short rib was popularized by Korean cooks – not in Seoul – but right here in Los Angeles, hence the name.

The magic of Galbi 갈비 is in the marinade. Asian pear tenderizes the meat and adds a hint of sweetness. Pear – combined with garlic, onion, and ginger, plus soy sauce, mirin, honey and sesame oil result in a full Korean flavor explosion. This entire marinade is made in a food processor, it couldn’t be easier.

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Hours of marinating result in the tender yet chewy texture. Grilling imparts a wonderful smoky note to the already complex flavors of the marinated meat while the honey and sugar caramelize into a slightly sweet glaze – making this an absolutely irresistible barbecue dish.

LA Galbi Recipe

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