Cevapcici Flatbread Pizza with Ajvar and Sweet Onion aka #SuperBowl Flatbread

Cevapcici Flatbread Pizza with Ajvar and Sweet Onion aka #SuperBowl Flatbread

Favorite Dish on the Super Bowl Buffet, Guaranteed

Cevapcici (Lamb and Beef Sausage) Flatbread Pizza
Ajvar (Spicy Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Dip/Spread)
Mozzarella, Sweet Onion, Sour Cream

San Pedro, our charming town located on the seaside corner of America’s second largest city, is home to thousands of Croatians, including my butcher. One of his specialties is the stubby cigar-shaped Balkan sausage known as cevapcici. He makes his with lamb and beef and spices although some people also add pork to the mix.

They are skinless and formed by a unique kitchen gadget, into what I would call a particularly unfortunate shape as they are not too pretty for the camera if you know what I mean. But what they lack in visual appeal, they make up for in flavor.

Cevapcici are almost always accompanied by onion and often by sour cream, peppers, flatbread, and ajvar – a super-tasty Balkan spread/dip/relish made primarily with roasted red pepper then smaller amounts of roasted eggplant, chili, salt, sunflower oil, and sometimes garlic. For the Super Bowl, I’m transforming the beloved Balkan sausage and it’s condiments into a pizza. It will be the favorite dish on the buffet, guaranteed.

Pronounce all the c’s like a ch, Che-VAP’-Chi-Chi. And pronounce ajvar as AY-var.

How to Make Cevapcici Flatbread Pizza

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