Charlie Trotter’s Guest Chef – Me!!!

Today is my birthday. The reason I am telling this tidbit of information to the world is to share my excitement over the coolest birthday gift from my brother, Don, and sister-in-law, Kristy. I will be the Guest Chef For The Day at Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant in Chicago, spending the complete day in the kitchen including food preparation training and working on the line! Then after cooking from 2 PM to 9 PM, I change out of my chef’s whites and sit down to dinner in the dining room with my family. Whoo! Hoo!

Charlie Trotter’s is regarded as one of the finest restaurants in the world. For 20 years, the restaurant has dedicated itself to excellence in the culinary arts. Never willing to rest on its laurels, Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant is innovative and progressive in the world of food and wine and has been instrumental in establishing new standards for fine dining.”

If any of my friends, including my blogger friends, are in Chicago on this particular summer evening (date to be determined), come to Charlie Trotter’s (reservations required) and let me cook for you!

Thanks Don and Kristy. I love you. Whoo! Hoo!

A video profile of Charlie Trotter’s eponymous restaurant.

23 thoughts on “Charlie Trotter’s Guest Chef – Me!!!”

  1. “”Oh my gosh Lori Lynn…I’m so exited for you I’m in tears!!””
    This morning at breakfast my husband, kids and I were talking about over coming our fears..and using strength within to do what we most want to do but aren’t willing to go beyond ourselves to do..(I know a bit wordy)..but, what you are about to do would be one of those things for me that I would LOVE to do..but would have a hard time going beyond myself and my fears and actually doing it!
    My thoughts are with you..You Go Girl!!!
    And a HUGE “Happy Birthday!!”

  2. Tanti auguri di Buon Compleanno! Awesome gift. I’d be terrified, I guess, but I am sure it will be a fantastic experience.

  3. Oh my God Lori Lynn, this sounds heaven for me. Such a great birthday present , congratulations
    And happy birthday to you !!!!!

  4. What an awesome gift!!I hope you can document your day with lots of pictures! Will Charlie be there? I have never been there, but have heard it’s out of this world!! Funny, just today he was interviewed on PBS, A Chefs Story, he’s quite a character!Happy B-day to you!

  5. You’re very fortunate to be surrounded by folks who care enough to give you such a wonderful gift.

    Have lots of fun and I await your report.

  6. I am so jealous! What a terrific birthday gift!!!! Have a great time and I hope someone there will take photos so you can share the whole experience with us!

  7. Lucky you! Happy birthday! I can’t wait to hear about the wealth of knowledge that you’ll walk away with. What a cool family you have!

    xoxox Amy

  8. What an amazing and thoughtful gift. I worked with a very talented assistant years ago who worked as a pastry chef at Charlie Trotters. I learned a lot from her, so enjoy soaking it all up! Will look forward to the replay!

  9. Oh Lori Lynn, what a wonderful gift! You must be still wandering in the memory by the time you get this comment, and I hope the memory is still having you in the clouds! Sorry for the late birthday wishes too…but I hope this year will be special in all its delightful surprises – it started out that way it seems!


    Hi Pinknest – I love that, “a ridiculous amount of fun” YAY!

    Hi Laurie – Your comment is so sweet. I was fortunate to eat at the kitchen table at Charlie Trotter’s twice. The first time in 1998, and he was yelling at his staff, so that might be scary. But the second time in 2006, he was as sweet as pie, mellowed with age?

    Hi Simona – It is awesome indeed!

    Hi Sylvia – Heaven, yes!

    Hi Merisi – In-depth report, you bet!

    Hi Marie – I want to take lots of photos, but I AM working. haha
    They cannot guarantee that Charlie will be there ūüôĀ

    Hi Peter – I am extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful family. I am blessed. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Winedeb – Thanks, and i can’t wait to share!

    Hi Amy – Cool family, absolutely. I am going to be a sponge!

    Hi Marla – I will be the best student on earth!

    Hi Ronelle – Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes. I am sooo excited about this event.

    Hi Lisa – Thanks for sharing the excitement!

  11. I am speechless. And you most definitely deserve it. Do write when you have the time and tell us how it was. So totally happy that you got such an opportunity. Your brother and sister-in-law are totally and absolutely rock!

  12. Thanks Cynthia – One of the most fun parts of the whole event will be to share with you all. And yeah, they do ROCK!

  13. How fantastique!
    Where’s the full report? I want to know how it went…
    I was once his guest as a presie for a drawing I gave him. I got the tasting thing and heavens!
    To die for. I shot Charlie many times in the James Beard Kitchen but I don’t think I’d be fit to chop parsley in his kitchen…

  14. Oh my GOSH that is SO COOL! We went to Charlie Trotter’s to celebrate… something. I think it was D’s birthday, or maybe college graduation (they happened in the same week last year). It was phenomenal! Actually, D’s family offered the same “Day at Charlie Trotters” to a Very good friend of the family who just went this past week. You didn’t by any chance spend the day with a super friendly Philapino woman named Marie, did you? That would be too funny if you guys went on the same day!

  15. This IS the coolest present. I can’t wait to hear about your day there. I’d love to try spending a day in a kitchen although I’d be worried about screwing something up or getting yelled at. I’m not cut out for anything remotely similar to Hell’s Kitchen.

  16. I don’t think a foodie could get a better b-day gift – how cool are you!!! I love Charlie Trotter – he’s just a lovely man and hugely successful.

  17. Hi Carol – Oh, how cool for you!
    I received the gift on my birthday, but I think I will be cooking in his kitchen this August.

  18. Hi Neen – I am actually going in August. I am so curious to hear what your friend Marie has to say about it!

  19. Hi Psychgrad – I can’t imagine him yelling at a GUEST chef. I am sure it will be a whole lot of fun. I’ll let you know all about it.

    Hi Giz – It is a Foodie Dream Come True!

    Hi Terri – Welcome and thanks for the birthday wishes.

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