Celebrating 7 Years of TASTE WITH THE EYES with Gelato Bars!

Celebrating 7 Years of TASTE WITH THE EYES with Gelato!

Celebrating 7 Years of TASTE WITH THE EYES

Dear Friends,

I have no recipe to share today. I simply want to take a moment to thank you for your kindness over the years. Your enthusiasm, encouragement, and interest are huge motivating factors. Nothing makes my day more than hearing from you – that you tried one of my recipes and loved it! And not only did you cook my dish, you took the time out of your busy day to let me know. How cool is that? You rock.

Seven years ago, I uploaded my first photo, one of a dinner at Charlie Trotter’s Kitchen Table in Chicago 2006. One that is especially sentimental now, with the sad news of the Chef’s passing last November. He was my hero.

Not knowing how to link a website, nor understanding that I should actually say something about the meal, I naively thought Taste With The Eyes would be a blog about food and restaurant photos. I’ve learned a lot since then. I never realized how this little project could lead to making friends all over the world, all the fun to be had, and all the skills I would acquire. It has been such a sweet experience. So, the theme for the anniversary is “blogging is sweet” and since desserts are few and far between here, as I am definitely a savory gal, I thought I would share a few shots of Chef Perry’s house made gelato bars taken at Terranea Resort’s Sea Beans restaurant.

It is my hope that Taste With The Eyes continues to inspire you just as reading your blogs and hearing your comments inspires me. I’m grateful for the people this blog has brought into my life. It has turned into quite a passion over the past seven years! As a direct result of blogging, I am now a food writer and photographer for a local paper, I photograph food for a world-class resort, and have my Korean recipes featured weekly in the Korea Herald Business. 감사합니다 K-Herald! And who knows what fabulous people I shall meet and what fabulous opportunities lie ahead? I hope our paths cross soon and often. It is an honor and pleasure to know each and every one of you.

Merci Beaucoup.

Your Friend,
Lori Lynn

Celebrating 7 Years of TASTE WITH THE EYES with Gelato Bars!
Vanilla Bean Gelato Bars

“The pleasures of the table, and of life, are infinite – toujours bon appétit!” -Julia Child

Celebrating 7 Years of TASTE WITH THE EYES with Gelato Bars!
Strawberry Gelato Bars

“ I want the amateur diner to enjoy the food as much as the connoisseur.” -Charlie Trotter

Celebrating 7 Years of TASTE WITH THE EYES with Gelato Bars!
Peanut Gelato Bars

With the utmost gratitude… -Lori Lynn

A Tribute to My Hero, Chef Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter and Lori Lynn

With Charlie Trotter
December 12, 1998
Chicago, Illinois

You are my hero… the one I always turn to for ultimate inspiration in the kitchen.
May you rest in peace, Chef.

Charlie Trotter's Kitchen Table

Dining at Charlie Trotter’s Kitchen Table
February 12, 2006

“I have a goal so lofty it’s almost embarrassing to talk about,” says Charlie. “And that’s to be the best restaurant in the world. But I want the amateur diner to enjoy the food as much as the connoisseur. There are eternal truths to be recognized, just as there are eternal harmonies in a Beethoven sonata. Ultimately, I want to prepare food that will be recognized equally in Tokyo, London, and Paris. I am after that universality, that transcendence.”

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Quinoa Corn Timbale, Turnip Confit, Quail Egg, Fried Sage, Demi-Glace

Quinoa Corn Timbale, Turnip Confit, Broccoli Rabe, Shiitake, Fried Sage, Demi-Glace

An Earthy Autumn Meal in a Bowl

Quinoa Corn Timbale, Turnip Confit,
Broccoli Rabe, Shiitake, Quail Egg, Fried Sage, Demi-Glace

This was a definitely a challenge – to create a dish where the unpretentious turnip is the star. Turnip, hmmm. Well, at least I know where to turn. My hero, Chef Charlie Trotter.

He is passionate about vegetables. He’s not selective about the types of vegetables he works with – he loves them all, from the humble ones to the exotic. For that reason, I looked no further than the October chapter of Charlie Trotter’s Vegetables for turnip-inspiration. He writes, “As crimson and amber leaves flutter on the trees, it feels right to trade summer’s abundance for fall’s full flavors. This simple preparation with turnips is a great segue into colder weather dishes.”

Turnip Confit Recipe

Turnip confit recipe

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Spring Bliss: Sugar Snap Pea, Avocado, Tomato, Mint

spring bliss soup, sugar snap pea soup, chilled pea and mint soup

Chilled Sugar Snap Pea & Mint Soup
Mashed Avocado with Lime, Tomato Concassé with Shallot
Fresh Mint, Chili Oil & Creme Fraiche Garnish

A vendor at the Farmers’ Market was handing out samples of fresh-from-the-vine sugar snap peas. Telling people just to eat them as is, no cooking necessary. They were sweet & exploding with flavor, crunchy, the color of spring. Few of us could pass up buying a basket or two. Once home, I turned to my favorite vegetable cookbook Charlie Trotter’s Vegetables for inspiration: Sugar Snap Pea Soup. A simple and refreshing chilled soup. With avocado for richness, tomato for sweet acidity, mint for brightness. Spring. Bliss.

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Resplendent Baby Golden Beet Salad

golden baby beet salad
Roasted Baby Golden Beet, Gala Apple, Kumquat
Raw Sheep’s Milk French Roquefort, Pistachio
Dandelion, Butterhead, Roasted Poblano Vinaigrette
Tricolor Viola & Wild Mustard Flower Garnish

Roasted tarragon-scented sweet soft baby golden beets are paired with tart-crisp apple, bitter-spiky dandelion, creamy-smooth butter lettuce, zingy kumquat, tangy Roquefort, rich pistachios and a playfully-spicy poblano chile vinaigrette. It’s a very refreshing, harmonious, and somewhat surprising salad – which I submit to this month’s 5 Star Makeover Cooking Group Challenge featuring BEETS.

The 5 Star Makeover Cooking Group hosted by Natasha the 5 Star Foodie & Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks! is an outstanding monthly event for sharing ideas and creating gourmet makeovers of selected classic dishes or flavor combinations. It continues to be a great source of inspiration and my absolute pleasure to be on the team. Please visit their blogs this coming Friday to enjoy the round-up of super-creative beets recipes from this talented cooking group.

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