Exotic Verrine

Fresh lychee, candied ginger, and freeze-dried rambutan
with mascarpone cream.

“Lychees on the Windowsill”
My contribution to CLICK photography event.
The theme: au naturel (food in its natural state).

16 thoughts on “Exotic Verrine”

  1. What a pretty glass dish for displaying this exotic dessert! Very pretty entry for the event.

    I’ve never had lychees. Are they worth trying? And I’ve never even heard of those dried things you mentioned. Where would you find those?

  2. Hi Simona – thank you. For years I had only known the canned lychees. These fresh ones are so perfumey.

    Hi Laurie – thank you. Definitely unique…

    Hi Marie – me too, I like the sunlight.

    Hi Jessy – I like these verrines, I have to try to make some other kinds. The layers in glass are too pretty…

  3. Hi Recipegirl – I think you are from Southern California? You can get them at Trader Joe’s in the summer. Do you like Viognier wine? The lychee tastes of honey and perfume, kinda like the wine. And it is fun to eat, you just peel the skin and you have a nice fruit, but do not eat the pit.

    OK, rambutan is a fruit from Southeast Asia. It looks like a strawberry with long whiskers. I don’t think the fresh ones can be imported into the U.S. but you can buy the freeze-dried fruit here. We enjoyed many exotic fruits when we were in Thailand.

  4. I had no idea what a rambutan was! It sounds like something you’d take a nap in 😉
    Nice shots, LoriLynn. You have a good eye (but we all knew that, didn’t we?)

  5. Even if I don’t like lychee nuts, who could resist something that looks this good. Love the martini glasses and how you used them.

    Psychgrad and I have awarded you the Excellence award. Please visit Equal Opportunity Kitchen at http://www.eatfordinner.blogspot.com for details

  6. Hi Maryann- always cracking me up…

    You gave me the idea to link a photo and description of rambutan, so now everyone can see what it is.

  7. Thanks Giz, aren’t those glasses adorable?

    Giz and Psychgrad – what an absolute honor! Thank you very very much!

  8. Hi JJ – Welcome. Thank you very much, I like the soft colors of this verrine. Tasted extraordinary too.

  9. Dear Lori Lynn, I am passing to you the meme that asks you to write six random things about yourself in a blog post, then to pass it to six people. I wrote about this today on my blog. 🙂

  10. Hi Simona -I am a little apprehensive about the meme, I will have to think about it. Thanks for recognizing me with it!

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