Bánh Flan Take Out

You may recall a post back in January about Cha Gio or Vietnamese Spring Rolls at the darling little Nam’s Red Door Restaurant?

Well this time, we took the food, including dessert, to go.

Caramel custard became part of Vietnamese cuisine through the French colonization of Vietnam. The Vietnamese way is to steam the custard as opposed to the French method of cooking in a bain-marie. Delicious, very light with a silky texture.

Take Out Container: Isn’t this a clever recycling use of soda cans?

Ăn nào! Bon appétit !

With its high calcium content, I am submitting this Flan to Food Blogga’s Beautiful Bones Event for Osteoporosis Awareness. Thanks Susan!

The FDA states that calcium intake is critical, but calcium alone can’t build bones. Vitamin D is needed to help the body absorb calcium. The skin produces vitamin D in sunlight. In addition to attention to diet, exercise is important in treatment and prevention of osteoporosis as well.

For your consideration:

Take a nice walk in a moderate amount of sunshine, then enjoy tasty calcuim rich Bánh Flan from your favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

9 thoughts on “Bánh Flan Take Out”

  1. My husband and I are the best Flan customers ever! I’ll have to send him there next time he goes up to San Pedro..this looks yummy!

  2. This is so cute! I like the way you showed us how the flan comes out of its container. Very nice.

  3. Hi Lori Lynn,

    This is a most clever way to form a flan! Flan is such a luscious dessert, and yours is no exception. I only wish I could try a mouthful (or two) right now. Plus, doesn’t it make you feel healthier knowing that it’s high in calcium and Vitamin D too? 🙂

    Thank you for a delicious submission.


  4. Flan is one of our family favorites. I have yet to make it myself since my MIL is famous for hers…. We have a Vietnamese restaurant we like to go to for lunch sometimes – the best pate sandwiches on baguettes with a spicy mayo & cilantro. I will definitely look for the flan! I love the way you dress-up take-out on your pretty china.

    xoxox Amy

  5. I’m impressed how the flan just fell out of the can so beautifully, what a clever idea. My Hubby is a flan man, I just showed him this picture and his jaw dropped!lol

  6. I could write a whole comedy routine about flan in a 7 up container…can you just imagine the conversation between a customer and the “flan man”…
    Actually, I think I’m tired and getting insane so I’ll go to bed now.

  7. Hi Laurie – I hope you do send your husband to Nam’s!

    Hi Simona – isn’t that clever?

    Hi Susan – Happy Bone Health!

    Hi Amy – ooh! Vietnamese pate with mayo and cilantro!
    I bought the china in Little Saigon, Westminster, CA.

    Hi Marie – hubby is a flan man, that’s cute!

    Hi Giz – I wish you would write a comedy routine about it!

  8. Ha ha ha. Great preventative treatment regime, Lori Lynn! Sunshiny walks and flan. Love the takeout container.

  9. Hi Lisa- and doesn’t that take-out container make such whimsical service-ware? I am thinking about serving my mascarpone sorbet in them…

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