Steamed Green Curry & Shrimp Custards

Love of Steamed Savory Custard – Part II

Please refer to the previous post for the basic recipe. This time we tweaked it and came up with something that pleasantly surprised us. We used half of the coconut milk in the original recipe and substituted light cream. We also added a teaspoon of Thai Green Curry paste to the milk infusion.

So here is my lovely bamboo steamer which is the optimal vessel for steaming this custard as it absorbs excess moisture and prevents condensation from dripping on the food. It sits atop my new toy: A Viking Portable Electric Induction Cooker (I will definitely post more on this baby later).

Shrimp were cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper until just slightly underdone. Cooled and sliced into thirds horizontally. The lemongrass/ginger/green curry custard was ladled into the cups. Several shrimp slices were added, then cilantro, chives, and razor-thin sliced Serrano pepper. Since the shrimp sinks to the bottom, we held back a slice of shrimp per cup, then added it 5 minutes before the end of cooking so there would be a shrimp on top too.

The ramekins worked great yesterday but aren’t these cute dishes, lid and all? We picked them up at Mitsuwa that morning. Steam without the lid, it is just for presentation purposes. Oh, and we enjoyed this alfresco as well…lovin’ summertime!

17 thoughts on “Steamed Green Curry & Shrimp Custards”

  1. Green curry seems to win over any curry doubters. I’m liking this savory custard journey alot…please continue!

  2. This looks amazing! My husband is going to love it when I make this for him. You have some great recipes, I’m adding you to my favorites list.

  3. They look so beautiful, Lori Lynn! You have such a knack for making anything on a table look gorgeous! Hope all is well with you.

  4. Congratulations on your new toy. I can’t wait to hear about the Electric Induction Cooker. Is it really as fast as it’s supposed to be?

  5. Haha Peter – a custard journey! Bon voyage!

    Hi Anamika – thank you for such nice compliments.

    Hi Julie Ann – Welcome! I am off to visit you!

    Hey Maryann – thanks and I hope you are enjoying your respite.

  6. FA – Well, not really! I have some more research to do however. When you come to cook next month, we’ll experiment.

  7. Hi Francesca – thank you, the flavors here are gorgeous indeed.

    Hi Lore – Welcome! I’m with you on savory side!

  8. That first picture looks amazing Lori Lynn. Savory custard, just the thought of it makes me smile!

  9. Green curry anything is a winner in my books. Both of your steamed dishes look great. And I love the ramekins with lids – so cute.

  10. I just can't go into Mitsuwa without thinking of you now. I was there this week & walked by one of the vendors thinking that you would love the little items that were on sale there. Oooooh, now that I know what to do with these cute dishes, I should pick up a few! Beautiful presentation, Lori Lynn.

    xoxox Amy

  11. Hi Marie – thank you. Give it a try? You’ll keep smiling.
    Hi Kevin – this was a really good idea.
    Hi Psychgrad – we were all excited about those new ramekins with lids.
    Hi Amy – you are funny. I really do buy some piece of dinnerware every time. I recently got this bowl shaped like a rhombus.

  12. I’m liking this savoury egg custard series a lot! Shrimp and green curry? Bring it on!

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