Summer = Rosé

M. Chapoutier Belleruche Côtes du Rhône Rosé 2006
A gorgeous mix of aromas and flavors of cranberry and dark tart cherry.
Surprisingly complex, with a dry intriguing peppery finish.

Established in 1808 in France’s Rhone region, Maison Chapoutier has been passed from father to son to grandson. All of their wine labels have been embossed in Braille since 1996.
Maurice de la Sizeranne (1857 – 1917) President of the Association of the Blind in France and owner of the famous La Sizeranne vineyard in Hermitage, was blind since age 9. He was the inventor of the first version of abbreviated Braille. M. Chapoutier’s trademark pays tribute to this man while making sure their wines are accessible to people who are blind.
In Sizeranne’s book “The Blind as Seen Through Blind Eyes” (Putnam, 1893), he asks, “May not we be instrumental in giving hope and happiness to those who are less fortunate than we, by aiding them to become self-sustaining?” Over three quarters of a century after Monsieur Sizeranne’s passing, it would know doubt would please him that this producer is doing just that. The Braille label provides the following information:
  • M. Chapoutier
  • Appellation
  • Name of the Wine
  • Vintage
  • Color

6 thoughts on “Summer = Rosé”

  1. Thanks Amy -the wines are excellent. The Braille labels make me want to support their estate even more…

  2. Lori Lynn, how wonderful to know this! I am all for companies who pay tribute to the less fortunate! There is so much we can learn from their endurance!

    This wine sounds delicious and the label is beautiful!! 🙂 How does the cork look? 🙂

  3. Laurie – You can find these wines at Bristol Farms, they are this month’s Winery of The Month, so they are on sale… their white, a Marsanne blend, and Rhone reds are fabulous as well.

  4. I'm really not stalking you; as you may be able to tell, I'm catching up with some of my favorite blogs. 🙂

    This wine sounds delicious; I love a rosé. And I love the Braille. I wonder if I can find the wine around here; will have to note the name and ask my local purveyor.

  5. Hi Lisa – you are cute, not stalking. So glad you are here. Chapoutier is a huge brand. I think you should be able to find it in Champaign. If not your local wine shop can order it, and try the white, it is a Marsanne blend, which I love too.

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