Steamed Savory Custards

We’ve fallen in love with steamed savory custard. So much so, that we ate 3 different versions within 48 hours. This one is the Crab & Shiitake rendition. Our recipes were adapted from one we read in Martha Steward Living.

Coconut milk is infused with lemongrass and ginger: The coconut milk is brought to a simmer, chopped lemongrass and ginger are added. Removed from heat and let stand for one hour, then strained.

Lightly beaten egg yolks are combined with the cooled lemongrass ginger laced coconut milk, seasoned with salt and pepper.

The custard is poured into ramekins. Crabmeat, then shiitake slices and chives are added to the custard. The crab sinks to the bottom while the vegetables float, which makes for a lovely presentation.

The custard is cooked in a bamboo steamer until set, about 25 – 30 minutes for these 8 oz. ramekins. Steaming the custard is essential to create the delicate ethereal consistency.

We enjoyed our custards alfresco along with a fresh baked buttered baguette and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. This made for an enchanting light and elegant summer weekend brunch.

13 thoughts on “Steamed Savory Custards”

  1. mmmmm! Hat’s off to your wonderful documentation process. I can see why you’ve made four different varieties of these…! Yum-oh!

  2. Hi Nicole – our first custard we had at a Japanese restaurant for dinner, the next morning we (my house guests and I) all were excited to re-create the experience.

    Hi Peter – yes, I think so too, perhaps in place of a soup course?

    Hi Kyle – happy to have you visit! I’m going to post the other incarnation tonight.

  3. Wow, they sound and look so light and delicious! I’ll make them on Sunday for brunch. Thanks for the recipe link.:)

  4. Hi Kevin – not too complicated and definitely worth any energy you put in to it. I like all the possibilities. Use the link to Martha Stewart for exact measurements.

    Hi Ann – it was LIGHT so even though it is served warm, it was summery I think…

    Hi Oggi – please let me know if you make them.

    Hi Simona – you always see the pretty side of things.

  5. Finally something I can use my steamer for!!! I love the way you did this. My goodness, they look perfect.

    xoxox Amy

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