Foodbuzz 24×24: Lusty Month of May Springtime Jazz Feast


FRESH, LOCAL & (not so) SECRET (anymore)


The Lusty Month of May: Springtime Jazz Feast

Our Sunken City Supper Club events feature live music, and awesome location, and a five course fixed menu plus a our signature amuse bouche and unique sherry courses.

The Sunken City Supper Club is a fresh, local and (not so) secret place to seasonally mingle with friends and neighbors – to enjoy the camaraderie, great food, wine, the awesome intimate jazz standards performed by local musicians Barry Anthony and Bill Ryan. We hold one event per season, and the menu always reflects seasonal ingredients.

Guests are emailed the menu in advance so they can bring wines to complement the dinner. The Sunken City Supper Club is a “moveable feast” – the location varies. We held the Spring affair at my place. The gorgeous centerpieces were arranged with fresh cut roses from my garden, accented with rosemary from Gail’s garden. My dear friend Gail and I are the Chefs and Gardeners. This spring menu features edible flowers, herbs, and citrus that we are growing ourselves.

San Pedro, Los Angeles, California 1929: An entire block along the coast slips seaward and continues to slump into the ocean until 1933. Two of the houses on the seaward side of the street fall into the sea. Others homes on the block are moved to various locations. This area became known as Sunken City, well known to the locals, hence the “secret” name of our Supper Club.

Come, celebrate this lusty month with us! It’s May!
Lori Lynn

the menu

“the essence of spring with an asian twist –
plus a hint of french, italian, and spanish too”

fresh spring rolls/ shrimp/ peanuts
spicy sesame lime dipping sauce

verrine/ petite peas/ mint/ pine nuts/ goat cheese/ sprouts
grilled baguette

steamed savory custards/ crab/ shiitake/ lemongrass/ coconut/ cilantro

meyer lemon salad/ endive/ fava bean/ kalamata olive/ violas

smoky braised and grilled lamb/ anise/ ginger/ tamari/ garlic
baby bok choy/ polenta/ miso butter

fresh mango and old-fashioned tapioca/ citrus leaf/nasturtium flower

oloroso sherry/ mini sherry bundt cake/ marcona almonds/ manchego cheese

Below is a photograph of each of the seven courses, including a link to the recipe.


fresh spring rolls/ shrimp/ peanuts
spicy sesame lime dipping sauce

Spring roll recipe at the very end of this post, please scroll down.

amuse bouche

verrine/ petite peas/ mint/ pine nuts/ goat cheese/ sprouts
grilled baguette

Awesome recipe by Ronell of My French Kitchen here.

we served custard instead of a soup course

steamed savory custards/ crab/ shiitake/ lemongrass/ coconut/ cilantro

Recipe adapted from Taste With The Eyes here.


meyer lemon salad/ endive/ fava bean/ kalamata olive/ violas

Recipe on Taste With The Eyes here.


smoky braised and grilled lamb/ anise/ ginger/ tamari/ garlic
baby bok choy/ polenta/ miso butter

Lamb recipe on Taste With The Eyes here.

Creamy Polenta and Bok Choy: Cook the polenta was usual then before serving add a good amount of milk and stir until creamy, finish with plenty of Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. The baby bok choy is sliced lengthwise then steamed in vegetable broth until soft. Bok choy is placed on the polenta then topped with miso butter.

Miso Butter:

  • 1 stick softened butter
  • 2 – 3 T. white miso (depending on saltiness)
  • 1 1/2 t. garlic minced
  • 1 1/2 t. fresh ginger minced

Mix all ingredients in the small bowl of a food processor. You can make the miso butter ahead of time and keep it on hand. It is great on vegetables, fish, noodles, and oh, please try it on a grilled rib-eye steak!


fresh mango and old-fashioned tapioca/ citrus leaf/nasturtium flower

The recipe for a heart-healthy version of tapioca pudding can be found on Taste With The Eyes here, for our party, however, we used real eggs and whole milk.

sherry course

oloroso sherry/ mini sherry bundt cake/ marcona almonds/ manchego cheese

Recipe on Taste With The Eyes here.

The Lusty Month of May
Julie Andrews in Camelot c. 1960

It’s May! It’s May, that gorgeous holiday!
That darling month when everyone throws self-control away!

It’s May! It’s May, the month of Yes You May…
That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray…


from our gardens…

persian lime for spicy sesame lime dipping sauce

meyer lemons for meyer lemon salad

nasturtium flowers as garnish for mango tapioca verrine

rosemary as garnish for mini bundt cake and in flower arrangements

violas in meyer lemon salad

parsley in meyer lemon salad and as garnish for lamb

mint with pea in amuse bouche and in fresh spring rolls


For our springtime table we chose the roses the color of sorbet; raspberry, apricot, peach, and lemon.

gail’s arrangements are breathtaking


Celebrating May!


spring table setting

assembling custards

serving amuse bouche

steamed custards

supper clubbers


gail and marlene garnish salad

joe serves main course

assembling dessert

gail talks sherry

kitchen scene

Fresh Spring Rolls

Originally I thought we could slice the spring rolls like sushi rolls and serve on a big platter with dipping sauce in the middle. But after a test run, we determined that everyone needed their own dipping sauce and chopped peanuts so we cut the rolls in half, and served dipping sauce in an espresso cup on individual plates.

The hardest part of making these fresh spring rolls was finding the wrappers, 8 1/2 inch dried rice paper rounds. A trip to an Asian market was the answer.

Fill a pie plate with cold water. Dip the rice paper in the water then spread it flat between two clean damp towels. In a few minutes the rice paper will be pliable. Peel off the top towel then assemble the the roll as follows.

First place a piece of red leaf lettuce on the lower half. Top with thin rice stick noodles, cooked according to the package directions and cooled.

Prepare batons of cucumber and carrot ahead of time. Toss the carrot with some sugar and let sit for 15 minutes, this softens the carrot. Place carrot and cucumber on top of the noodles, then top with fresh mint.

Roll the bottom of the rice paper over the veggies as tight as possible to complete one turn, then fold in the sides. Next, place shrimp and cilantro leaves on the rice paper then finish the roll. I cut the shrimp in half crosswise so they would not be too thick to balance with the other ingredients.

After rolling several spring rolls, I learned to place the shrimp with the pretty pink side facing out, and the same with the bright green side of the cilantro leaves, that makes a very pretty presentation when the roll is completed. The rolls can be kept refrigerated covered with damp towels for several hours, but don’t let them touch or they’ll stick together. Bring the rolls back to room temperature before serving.

Spicy Sesame Lime Dipping Sauce

  • fresh lime juice
  • sesame oil
  • tamari
  • rice wine vinegar
  • fish sauce
  • sugar
  • minced garlic
  • minced ginger
  • thinly sliced serrano

Combine all ingredients in about equal parts, taste and adjust the flavor to your liking. Make ahead so the ginger, garlic, and chile infuse the sauce.

The perfect party starter! Individual portions are the way to go.

foodbuzz 24X24

Extending a special thank you to the folks at Foodbuzz for choosing the Sunken City Supper Club’s Lusty Month of May: Springtime Jazz Feast as a participant in the Month of May’s 24×24 event! Foodbuzz 24×24 showcases posts from 24 Foodbuzz Featured Publisher bloggers, the monthly Foodbuzz 24 highlights unique meals occurring around the globe during a 24-hour period. “From San Francisco, to Sydney, to San Pedro!”

the food rocked, the setting & music were awesome,
but it’s the people who make the party!

gail, barry, bill, sally, al, denise, ted, paul, lou, shelby, todd, marlene, and joe

thank you so much!

Next up:

A Steamy Summer Affair


A Hot Mediterranean Menu!

Will you be in town? Come, join us!

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47 thoughts on “Foodbuzz 24×24: Lusty Month of May Springtime Jazz Feast”

  1. Oh if I were so lucky to be able to attend one of these dinners someday! You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful garden to draw so much inspiration. I’m impressed by the menu. I’m looking forward to recreating the spring rolls and the exotic soup. Great job!

    1. Hi Christine – please let me know when you try out the recipes! Hey, you do travel a lot, maybe you’ll be in LA for one of our events? We would love to have you attend!

  2. Oh là là !!! Incredible job, Lori Lynn….Nothing but all my admiration for your menu, presentation, your skills as cook AND gardener !!
    I wish I could have been there !! You are a “magnifique” hostess….
    Un beso,
    PS: Plus, I love jazz !

  3. I want to live in Sunken City. I want to be friends with you and Gail and your friends. Think I can arrange it before the Steamy Summer Affair? I’ve always enjoyed these posts — and you did a great job on this one. Color me green!

  4. Such a beautiful and elegant event LL! But it is no surprise as it is the way we know you….it looks gorgeous and delicious and a fun seasonal event! I hope the verrines met your expectations…the photos are so atmospheric! Congratulations on this huge success.

  5. Wow, where to begin? First of all, I wasn’t planning to be in SoCal this summer, but it looks like it would be worth it to come just for your dinners. What a great event and you make it so special – it’s really a feast for the senses, from the music to the flowers (I would think I died and went to heaven to be surrounded by those roses) to the food. One course after the next is so expertly prepared and is a visual treat as well as a tasty one. You amaze me with those talents.

  6. The setting, the flowers, the food, the smells, the sounds and the tastes! How fortunate to be a guest at your table LL! You are AMAZING!

  7. Lori Lynn, your attention to detail, the recipes and the lengthy coarses with correct portions are nowhere near stingy, you take your guests on a journey with the theme, the food and the many ingredients you’re blessed with in California.

  8. That Meyer lemon salad of your is to die for. Unbelievable and complementing a stellar menu. I got so excited about your Springtime Jazz feast that I forwarded your URL address to several friends and colleagues. Meyer Lemons are like love, you know. Sometimes hard to find, but well worth the wait. I’m ready though. When they’re out of season and I can’t get them locally what I do is just go online ( ) and order from growers that pick them right off the trees and ship them direct — a trick I learned from my cousin in Canada. This way I get fresh Meyer lemons picked from the tree without all the time sitting in cartons, trucks and warehouses.

  9. You know I’m going to San Francisco this summer … I could just drop by L.A. on a certain date. Where to begin? It’s the care you take with all – that care is a caress, a hug, a grace note – you say how much you honor friendships with these meals. I’ll be picking violas tonight.

    1. Claudia – it would be our absolute pleasure to have you attend one of our events. When we nail down the date, I’ll let you know, and just maybe just maybe, it would work out!

  10. I always admire your events. You do such beautiful work … and one can tell how much you enjoy it. A gorgeous menu and a fantastic write-up of your successful event.

  11. HOLY MOLY I am SO SO SO impressed!!!! What a beautiful dinner event you threw Lori — the table settings, the ambiance, the menu — it seems as if it’s out of a fairy tale, everything is simply perfect. You are one talented lady and not to mention your beautiful garden — I can smell the roses and the citrus trees from here. Beautiful job I can’t stop smiling 🙂

  12. Everything about this dinner celebrates Spring! Gorgeous pics of the garden and the dessert, salad and spring rolls are so fresh and colorful. ucky guests to enjoy this feast along with jazz music!

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