Grilled Swordfish, Lentils with Truffle Oil

Grilled Fresh Swordfish
Steamed Lentils, Tossed with Herbs and Truffle Oil
Grilled Tomato

Simple, Yet Sublime
  • Fresh swordfish, grilled over medium high heat, still perfectly moist, with olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Warm steamed lentils, seasoned and gently tossed with white truffle oil and freshly sniped basil, dill, and parsley
  • Grilled heirloom tomatoes
I am submitting this dish to The Well-Seasoned Cook’s monthly Legume Love Affair Event hosted this month by Lucy of Nourish Me blog. I also want to thank Marie, the Proud Italian Cook, for the idea to grill tomatoes which added another layer of flavor.
Tomorrow, the Sun will be directly over the equator, at 11:44:18 A.M. EDT, to be precise. Happy Autumn! We’ll be looking forward to Thanksgiving here, and to cooking all the wonderful fall dishes. Also wishing my blogger friends in the Southern Hemisphere a Happy Springtime as well!

25 thoughts on “Grilled Swordfish, Lentils with Truffle Oil”

  1. Lori,
    the food looks (and I was tempted to say, “smells” *smile*) delicious, as always! 🙂
    I love to grill halved egg-shaped (Roma or San Marzano). Broiling, even baking at high temperatures, brings out their sweet flavor so well.

    A very happy autumn to you too, Lori, and many great fall dishes!
    (A friend brought the fall issues of some of my favorite American foodie magazines, I am overjoyed.)

  2. Lori, thank you so much for your beautiful entry.

    Utterly gorgeous dish – ah, how I love swordfish! – but the truffle oil, well, that’s the masterstroke. Especially with earthy, autumnal lentils. Glorious dish.

    Happy Fall to you. I’m thrilled it’s spring here and am reminded, once again, of how amazing this little planet of ours really is. Enjoy the cooler days to come!

  3. Beautifully done again Lori Lynn! I love sword fish and it looks superb with the lentils. I have never had steamed lentils.. how cool is that! 🙂
    And I too love Maries grilled tomatoes.. you have done her proud! Hey.. is that purple basil from your garden?
    I hope you are having a wonderful time pre paring for your family coming in November.. How special. I hope you post pictures of the basketball court you are building!! 🙂
    Hugs to you and I’m sorry aI haven’t written sooner.. I always think of you though!
    I’ll be in L.B. in October at the Art museum on Ocean for a family get togther.. you want me to run up that white bowl of mine? 🙂 🙂

  4. What a way to bring in autumm! I have to say it was the lentils that got me, tossed with white truffle oil! You really know how to entice us Lori Lynn! Oh, and the tomatoes were’nt to bad either! 😉 (Glad you enjoyed them)

  5. This is a perfect fall dish. Your photos are always gorgeous and enhance the food even more. Definitely pleasing to the eye!

  6. Hi David – Welcome and thank you!

    Hi Merisi – YAY for Fall! Let’s Cook! I’ve slow-roasted tomatoes before, but it never occurred to me to put them on the grill, thanks to Marie, that is another good idea.

    Thanks Simona – Swordfish was never my favorite in the past, but I have been getting this very fresh, from Mexican Pacific waters, and it is fabulous. The key is cooking it right, I think.

    Hi Lucy – the truffle oil did make the dish. Too bad that is not evident in the photos. Glad to be a part of Legume Love!

    Hi Emiline – what are you baking for Fall?

    Laurie – I am so glad you clarified your name. i was thinking who is this person that knows me so well and I do not know her? You know you can buy ready to eat steamed lentils at Trader Joe’s and truffle oil too, give it a try. I am growing the purple basil, in my kitchen, I will do a little post on that because it is neat. And the basketball court. I am waiting for the fencing guys to come right now. We are almost done. YAY. I’ve got to practice before my nephews arrive in November.

  7. Hi Marie – thanks again for another good idea!

    Hi Mikky – it was indeed!

    Thanks Peter – and yep, I agree, that is the key to swordfish. And very fresh too.

    Thanks Marla – let me know if you make it and how you like it! I know you’ve got lots of truffles in your neck of the woods!

    Hey Dee – Barramundi, why not? I’ve only had it in restaurants, but I think I might look for it at the market here. Please let me know how you prepare it.

    HI Bridgett- you are so kind. Thank you.

    That Girl – really? Too bad. Well, have some lentils with truffle oil, you’ll like that I’m sure!

    Hi Marc – Welcome. I am happy to have you visit. I loved your 24 24 24!

    Ho Lore – I was very simple, but I think that the combination of the 3 ingredients (fish, lentil, tomato) was magic. And truffle oil doesn’t hurt either!

  8. Damn!!! I almost bought some swordfish today and didn’t do it. Now I am sorry. Can I just come to your house? 😉 It looks perfect.

  9. I’ve only used truffle oil once, for homemade gnocchi. It must hold its own wonderfully w/ the stronger flavors of fish and lentils. So very elegant.

  10. well combined dish!

    i luv swordfish/has a meaty quality and looks delightful how you have combined with lentils + grilled tomatoes… ever; looks fantastic 😉

  11. This looks very tasty. In Morocco we would sometimes have fish & a serving of lentils on the side.

    A blogger next door 🙂

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