Burrata Pizza and Thanksgiving Thoughts

My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Passover. No wonder! It is because I cook big meals for family and friends at both. I was just looking at my photographs from last year. Please, come reminisce with me…

I get plenty of pizza dough for the week from the local Italian market so I can make pizza with my nephews while they are here visiting. It has become a tradition. And late Friday night after Thanksgiving last year, the adults had burrata pizza with the remaining pizza dough as we relaxed and drank Champagne.
Another tradition we have here is called “Leftover Day.” Family and friends are invited to come by from 1 to 5 PM the day after the big feast to eat leftovers, drink Bloody Marys, and chill out. This year, I have a new basketball court so everyone can shoot some hoops! Whoo Hoo! We get a HoneyBaked Ham so if anyone is done with turkey, have ham! And everyone is encouraged to bring their leftovers. We heat them up and put them on the buffet too. Additionally this year I promised my brother I would have a panini maker, so we can make some awesome turkey or ham sandwiches with all those leftover goodies smashed and grilled together.

OK, back to burrata pizza. Top the dough with a mixture of olive oil, chopped parsley, and garlic, then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake until just slightly crispy, remove from the oven, then top with burrata. Big hit!

Ha! I am sending this photo to my blogger friend Sandi at Whistlestop Cafe Cooking for her Centerpiece of the Month Event. Every year this ROCK gets big laughs. Yes, it is just a rock I found on the beach but its place card gives everyone a good chuckle on Bird Day. To see some really beautiful centerpieces, do check out Sandi’s monthly event!

This is another laugh I get every year. I spend a good deal of time on the appetizers; including fine cheese platters, homemade dips, and barbecuing fresh oysters. But do you know what disappears first? Lil’ Smokies with two sauces: BBQ sauce and a blend of mustard and mayo. Some things never change. Maybe you have a similar experience?

This is another one of my photos from last year. My nephew Stone and my little pooch Mrs. O’Mally had a special connection. On this morning, Stone, in his pajamas, is just sitting on the couch rubbing her belly. She passed away on October 22, 2008. Everyone will miss her this year, I suspect Stone and myself most of all.

Here on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving, Stone says goodbye to Mally as the family is getting ready to catch their plane back to Chicago. She was always so relaxed with him. He carried her around all week. It was a very special bond.
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season this year. And to my blogger friends, I so look forward to reading about your holiday recipes and parties. Ah, Thanksgiving – I am so grateful for the reminder to give thanks for blessings great and small.

32 thoughts on “Burrata Pizza and Thanksgiving Thoughts”

  1. I love burrata cheese.
    Our cheese man gets it on Thursday afternoons, and you have to call him to reserve a bag of it, flown in from Italy.
    It is sinfully good.

    Can I come over the day after turkey day for bloody marys and leftovers? Please????

  2. Another stellar family story…love it, love it, love it. Made me remember the traditions, the family, the encounters — wonderful and not-so — all of it part of who we are. I don’t know what the cockles of my heart are, but you warm them with your tales of good times past. Thanks.

  3. I’ve been dreaming of burrata lately,and then I see this!! In fact I’m waiting for my Whole Foods to get some in for the holidays, just checked, and it’s still not there! 🙁
    Love your family stories Lori Lynn, If you don’t mind, I’ll be stopping by with Stacey for leftovers, ok?

  4. We share the same two favourite holidays. I think I should come to your place for Passover next year. The champagne sounds very promising – I’m doubtful you use it for Passover but Eliyahu would love it – trust me.

  5. Fun, food & family…what beautiful memories Lori. Your pooch was cute; I'm sorry she passed away but am glad you have such wonderful pictures & memories of her. Love the centrepiece!!

  6. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest pizza day of the year. No wonder after all that cooking. And of course you can’t forget Leftover day (that is my favorite day—sometimes I think it taste better than Thanksgiving)

  7. Lori-Lynn, do you have a recipe for the dough for that pizza? If you do, can you please email it to me? Thanks.

  8. I want a piece of that pizza right now! I don’t think we can get burrata around here; I’ll have to investigate, though. I’d love to try it.

    What a fab centerpiece, really great. And your day-after T-day plans sound fun; I might have to steal your Bloody Mary idea. 😉

    How true about the Li’l Smokies: I think I do have something like that. There’s a spread I make, just cream cheese and jar of Kraft Old English with a little Worcestershire whipped in; that always goes before anything else if I have family over!

    So sweet, your nephew with Mrs. O’Mally. Both of those photos are priceless. So poignant now . . . again, I feel for you on your loss.

  9. That pizza looks delicious! And what a great idea to have everyone bring their leftovers on Friday. I think I’ll start that here!

  10. wow… the pizza looks great, and i love the smokies too… and the best of all, i love the idea of your left-over day… thanks for sharing… 🙂

  11. Lol…luv the rock…I’d be in stiches and then back to nibbling on the weenies.

    Funny how we used to love the holidays for toys and gifts and now it’s about the dinner?

  12. O.K. it’s in the details! “I spy”.. a screen on your pizza stone. What a great idea Lori Lynn. I am seeing right aren’t I? Does this create a little lift for the dough so that the air circulates and crisp ups the bottom?

    And I want that burrata pizza.. it looks wonderful!
    Oh yah.. I will not forget Grandma Sugarplums..:) “Huge chocolate covered strawberries!!” We spent many nights strolling 2nd Street.. Have you ever seen the Christmas Lights in Naples or gone on the Gondola’s??

  13. your crust looks great! but, i have to disagree with heating up burrata. i just can’t do it! i’ve got to eat it in it’s pure form. don’t get me wrong, i’d prob. eat 50 pieces of this pizza.

  14. Hi Sandi – I hope they get a good chuckle.

    Stacey and Marie – YOU ARE DEFINITELY INVITED! Bring leftovers.

    Hi Anon – take care of your cockles. I hear red wine and chocolate are good for that. Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Hi Ohiomom – Leftover Day is just as much fun as Bird Day!

    Giz – Passover in Chicago. Let me know. So neat that we have the same two favorite holidays.

    Hi PAB – thanks for commenting about my pooch. I am still missing her terribly.

    HI MLV – So we have the Open House from 1 -5 with leftovers, and then later that night, unable to look to more turkey, we had a pizza. Perfect.

    HI Cynthia – I buy it at the Italian market because I am not so good at exact measurements.

    HI That Girl -YAY and remember don’t cook the burrata just lay it lovingly on top, you and That Boy will be happy.

    HI Maryann – yes, and I cannot wait to see him, and he is way excited about the basketball court. BTW – his brother is Jett.

    Thanks for all your comments Lisa – I think your cream cheese dip would be a hit here too. Thanks for your condolences…

    Hi Candy – since it is an Open House, people just stop by. And since some friends spend Thanksgiving with their own family, so now they come here on Friday and bring leftovers, best of all worlds.

    HI Mikky – and it ain’t too shabby. Leftover Day rivals Turkey Day on the food quality but without the structure.

    Peter – I just envisioned you here, laughing at the rock then having a weenie on a toothpick. Thanks for the visual. Why don’t you saunter outside to the BBQ and have a Fanny Bay oyster?

    Haha Laurie – I Spy, pizza screen and pizza stone. This is the best way to do it for us. So easy and comes out great. The screen is so you can spread out the dough and put all the ingredients on, and not worry about falling off or getting it in or out of the oven. The bottom cooks just right with the stone. And we don’t want to wreck those cute pizza faces made by my nephews. They can decorate the pizza and have it come out perfect.

    Awright WANF – check out the other ways we’ve had burrata (see link, not cooked) we were drinking Bloody Marys all day, now we get to relax and we happen to have burrata and pizza dough on hand and not interested in any more turkey or complicated recipes. And we didn’t cook the burrata. we just put it (room temperature) on top the hot pizza. Yeah yeah, I know, sacrilegious, and believe me I understand as evidenced by the fact that I did not post this pizza for over a year. But you would have enjoyed this, without any guilt, I suspect. Really. Lastly, my sister-in-law called me this morning after reading the blog, and she was remembering that pizza. With lust. Ok. love your honesty and truly appreciate your comments.

  15. Can I come to your house the day after? How nice to even think about being outside that time of year! I love entertaining as well and appetizers and leftovers are my favorite!

  16. LOVE the pizza…and lil’ smokies are MY FAVE! I like eating them with just a touch of mustard!


  17. Hi SMST – do come! How’s your free throw?

    HI Darius – not surprised. You’d fit right in here.

    HI Sylvia- rub your pet’s belly for me tonight. I used to call it Lucky Belly.

    HI Susan – It was a hit!

    HI NIcole – here in Southern California: I buy burrata at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, and at my local Italian Deli in San Pedro. called A-1.

  18. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some burrata, to the point where I’m on the waiting list at TWO different stores. There is also a local fromagerie that I check on a regular basis, just in case they’re holding out on me. Still no luck!

  19. Great post! I especially like that I now see the pizza screen you mentioned on my blog – I must have one. Where did you find it?

    Stone is too darn adorable. You are blessed to have this great big family of yours.

    xoxox Amy

  20. Last May, I drove all the way from Rome with a large ice chest full of buffalo burrata, fresh from the Campania region (mind you, no ice in the chest, as I was told to never ever cool burrata below 18° Celsius). We had quite a feast once back home.

    Have you ever written about your Thanksgiving rituals or recipes? I tried the Google search but came up with nothing beyond these recents posts and oysters. Maybe I am too nosy. 😉

  21. Personally I think I will enjoy Leftover day more than Thanksgiving itself….I love this Let’s-throw-it-all-together-meals!!!!

  22. To answer your questions:

    Amy – cooking.com
    Merisi – you are not too nosy! I recently posted more on our family traditions.

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