Foie Gras

The Whole Foie Gras – presented on a platter to the table…
…taken back to the kitchen and served thusly!
Per Se, New York City

Foie Gras ‘en torchon’ with Wasabi Crisp
Muscat, Cardamon, and Chenin Blanc Syrup
Alex, Las Vegas

Foie Gras Seared with Cherries and Cassia Gastrique
Water Grill, Los Angeles

Ahi Tuna and Foie Gras Sushi Roll
Caviar Russe, New York City

Foie Gras Parfait with Orange Cognac Gelée
Water Grill, Los Angeles

Seared Sonoma Foie Gras, Figs, Port, Brioche
Carneros Bistro, Sonoma
Moulard Duck Foie Gras in Terrine
Field Rhubarb Relish, Sicilian Pistachio Miettes
The French Laundry, Yountville
Are you a fan of foie gras?
“Oh, ‘crise de foie,’ that French sole was so delicious!” penned Julia Child.
Crisis of the Liver? I get such a kick out of that expression!
This latest compilation of photographs was prompted by an email that came from Thailand yesterday morning. My sister-in-law’s father, Jim, is in Pattaya. He thought we might be interested in what they are serving up over in his neck of the woods: A Complete Menu of Foie Gras! Incredible – I just had to post it here:
Foie Gras Teriyaki  300
Charcoal grilled sweet soy sauce marinated goose liver, baby leek gently glazed with teriyaki sauce
Sushi Foie Gras  400
Steamed Japanese rice topped with pan-seared Foie Gras, scented with a sweet cherry & preserved Chinese plum sauce
Foie Gras Spring Rolls  650
Deep-fried spring rolls filled with duck Foie Gras & scented with port wine, Oriental mushroom duxelles, chilli & coriander sauce
Foie Gras Dumplings  400
A blend of steamed pork & shrimp dumpling, coupled with seared Foie Gras – to amuse your bouche…
Foie Gras Bruschetta  850
Pan-seared goose liver, on toasted brioche with orange sauce & mesclun leaves – how often can you say ‘wow’!
Foie Gras Fritter  850
Deep-fried port wine marinated Foie Gras served, with a wild berry dip – you’ve struck gold!
Foie Gras with Spicy Sauce  750
Wok-fried crispy goose liver, onions, chilli, garlic & hot basil leaves with white truffle scented fried rice – try this Thai twist…
Foie Gras Pizza  850
Pan-seared goose liver, blue figs, tomato sauce, mozzarella & fontina cheese, with wild arugula salad & Italian parsley
Foie Gras with Angel Hair Pasta  850
Capellini pasta & grilled chicken, tossed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil & chicken jus, topped with pan-seared goose liver & grated Parmesan cheese – a little Italian twist…
Foie Gras with XO Sauce  950
Chinese wok-fried goose liver, white asparagus, honey beans, maple glazed walnuts & XO sauce, served with crispy egg noodles… Ohhhhhh soooo fabulous!
Foie Gras Risotto  1,250
Arborio rice gently cooked in special broth, seasoned with Parmesan cheese & truffle, topped with pan-seared goose liver & black cherry sauce
Beef Sirloin & Foie Gras  3,000
Charcoal-grilled US prime selected sirloin of beef, with pan-fried goose liver caramelized onions, sautéed potatoes & a port wine reduction – inspirational or simply sensational?!
Gratinated Beef & Foie Gras  3,500
Lavastone grilled US fillet of beef, artichoke & goose liver topped with cheese, wild mushrooms & black truffle sauce – ah the good life – wine, dine, recline…
MANTRA RESTAURANT & BAR in Pattaya, Thailand. This is their special menu for November. The prices are in baht, approx. 35 baht to one US dollar.

So, foie fans, what do you think? Shall we meet in Pattaya?

17 thoughts on “Foie Gras”

  1. I’ll do just about anything to linger with Thai flavors! Another lovely + detailed the post….the ahi sushi looks *grande* + just love love the pretty pink field of the rhubarb relish!

  2. Yes, I’m a fan…and I would have a hard time choosing which one of these I wanted. They’re all so exquisitely prepared but, of course, we’re looking at world-class restaurant offerings. That Thai menu is incredible. What no foie gras a la mode for dessert? Or in Thailand it would probably be foie gras and sticky rice!

  3. Though I LOVE liver, foie gras is too rich for me.
    Would you believe L’Avion airlines served us foie gras on the airplane as an appetizer w/ chutney for lunch? Decadent!

  4. Have you eaten at all those places, Lori Lynn?!! I’m so jealous. I will definitely have to check out Water Grill now. And if I’m ever in Thailand, I know where to go now too.

  5. That sounds tempting, but again there is FOIS GRAS and there is fois gras 😉

    Sushi with fois gras sounds delish but deep fried fois gras? Nooo….

  6. Deep fried fois gras? Sounds like something a Southern girl would love.
    It could be done well. Or be awful. I’m still drooling over the pic of the foie gras parfait!
    Love your blog, by the way!

  7. Hi Taste Memory – The Thai dish sounded good to me too.

    Foodalogue – guess we’ll have to go several nights in a row to try them all! Foie gras, mango and sticky rice actually sounds excellent. Should we write the chef?

    Nicole – glad you’re coming with!

    HI Terri – that is sad, come to Thailand with us?

    HI Stacey – that is my kinda flight!

    HI Marvin – yes I ate at them all, over the last couple years. Water Grill is one of my favorite restaurants. It is in downtown LA. You don’t hear much about it anymore because it is “old.” I think at least 20 years and all the new places get the publicity. Let me know if you go. They specialize in seafood.

    HI Darius – so which are you having?

    Hi Zita – the ahi tuna and foie gras roll was amazing. I’m not counting out the deep fried yet, I have to try it!

    Hi Mary – thank you. We gotta try it first, no?

  8. Wow – you’ve been collecting those photos over the years? Impressive. I have a jar of foie gras in my cupboard….same jar I brought back from France. I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t know that I love it enough on its own to just eat it with crackers. I was thinking to maybe stuff chicken with it. Would that be a big faux pas?

  9. Hi Courtney – so glad they reversed that! Good grief!

    Hi Psychgrad – Stuffed in a chicken breast sounds absolutely wonderful! What sauce? Something elegant…hmmm…

  10. Good thing my Thanksgiving dinner will not be served before Saturday (no holiday here today)! I have sinned in my heart through all of your spendid temptations.

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  11. not too many foody knows about Hungaryen Goos Liver…..Hungary is the biggest exporter of goose liver in the world, shipping 1,800 tonnes each year. France is by far the biggest market, while Japan, Belgium and several other countries buy smaller quantities.
    The Hungarians mainly export it raw, at 30 euros per kilo. Famous French companies spice, process, or cook it in a variety of ways, then either consume it themselves or sell it on to third countries as a “French” product.

    An estimated 30,000 Hungarian farmers live from goose-farming.

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