A Peachy Dessert

Fresh Local Peaches
Puff Pastry Filled with Peach Jam and Brie
A Drizzle of Honey
Whipped Crème Fraîche

We made this dessert when I was in Chicago visiting my family. We were shopping at Whole Foods Market and asked the produce manager what his favorite fruit was that day. He said, “Local Illinois Peaches.” So that is what we bought and how this dessert came to be.
Initially we were going to grill or sauté the peaches in butter with sugar, but they tasted so delightful as is, we decided to leave them as nature intended. What shall we serve to complement these beauties? Last month I made a Baked Brie in Fillo with Preserves, that became the inspiration here. Tangy whipped crème fraîche would provide the perfect balance to the sweet fruit.
The photo above is of my neighbor’s peach tree here in Los Angeles. They told me to help myself. YAY! More peachy desserts are on the way! And a big thank you to my generous neighbors!

Cut puff pastry sheets into squares. Fill each square with a generous spoonful of peach jam and a piece of brie. Fold the corners together. Brush the pastry with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. Bake until puffed and golden brown.

Slice the peaches and arrange on the plates. Place warm puff pastry in the center, drizzle with honey then top with whipped crème fraîche.
A Splendid and Easy Peachy Dessert!

17 thoughts on “A Peachy Dessert”

  1. Very nice idea! The result looks just lovely. And I even have some puff pastry in my freezer that I can use.

  2. I can't get enough of cheese and fruit and peaches are just my all time best summer fruit!!! I am making this as soon as I see that first peach!!

  3. I love the peachy desserts. Your dessert looks beautiful and delicious! To be honest, I have never used Brie for desserts… It is so cool! To me it's an extravagant combination. Look forward to bake it!

  4. Wonderfully rich yet fresh ending to a summer meal!

    Lori Lynn,
    I am reading about the fires around LA and hope that they will soon be estinguished!

  5. Coming back from North Carolina we bought some peaches at a fruit stand and they are delicious – I have never tried those from Illinois. When I was in Italy years ago my friend’s father had a peach orchard. He would chop his peach in a glass of homemade sweet wine, like a sweet sherry, and let it stay at room temperature for an hour or so, then he would eat (and drink) it at the end of the meal. It is very good that way too. Right now my fig tree is covered with fruits so I have to get busy making jam.

  6. Oh yum! I don't often think of cheese for dessert, but this sounds fab. Also, might be great as an appetizer, without the whipped cream. If I ever lose weight…

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