Whole Wheat Spaghetti, Tuna Sauce


Whole Wheat Thin Spaghetti
Omega-3 Rich Albacore Tuna Sauce
with Tomato, Caper, and Anchovy
Yuzu Chervil Gremolata
Green Olive Garnish


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I’m wearing red hearts and my red dress pins today.

Tuna Sauce

Sauté a chopped onion in olive oil until soft, then add finely chopped garlic and red pepper flakes. Then add about 1 t. fennel seed and 3 anchovies. Stir to dissolve anchovies.

Add a can of diced tomatoes (I like San Marzano), rinsed capers, and a can of the finest albacore tuna. I recently discovered this Gourmet Coastal Albacore Tuna at Bristol Farms. It uses sashimi grade troll caught albacore that is bled and blast frozen at sea immediately upon catch. The loins are filleted and packed directly into the can and cooked once in its own juices. Containing 2200mg of Omega-3 per 56g serving, almost three times the Omega-3 oil found in national brand tunas. Dolphin and turtle safe too.



Yuzu Chervil Gremolata: Combine minced garlic, yuzu zest and fresh chervil, and a small amount of sea salt. The flavor is fresh (chervil), bright (yuzu), and intense (raw garlic). A great condiment and excellent complement to the tuna sauce!

Toss al dente whole wheat thin spaghetti with a drizzle of olive oil. Top with the tuna sauce, gremolata, and garnish with olives.

To your heart!

31 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Spaghetti, Tuna Sauce”

  1. LORI!!! Oh my goodness.. gorgeous!! Congratulations on your new web design. It is so elegant.. so you! 🙂
    Love this post too. It is close to my “heart”. This recipe is so Mediterranean.. yumm! I will totally be trying this recipe soon!

    1. Hi Laurie – thank you so much, that was exactly the word I was going for in the design “elegant.” I came up with the chandelier idea and Joelle from Moxie Girls ran with it.
      This recipe is a real winner. Please let me know how you like it.

  2. It looks like you have the hang of your new blog/site. I never thought that Taste With The Eyes could get any better…but, here it is!

    The pasta looks great. Thanks for telling us about National Wear Red Day – I had never heard of it.

    1. Hi FA – I’m learning a lot. It’s fun. Thanks for your nice compliment!
      P.S. February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month. Good thing the Porchetta Party was in January!

  3. LOVELY! I just recently learned that there are different ‘types’ of San Marzanos – those that are approved by the Italian govt. and those that are not sometimes are impostors. Apparently they need the D.O.P. Certification in order to be ‘real’. Go figure – so I bought a can of the right ones today and can’t wait to try them and notice or not notice the difference – I already noticed the price diff. 😉 ~Mary

    1. Thanks Petrea! I’m very happy with it. I was so comfortable with Blogger after almost 3 years, gotta learn WordPress now! I think it will be fun. And San Pedro Daily Photo is staying on Blogger…

  4. How big of a can of diced tomatos – 14 or 28oz? I make a tuna pasta as well, but haven’t ever made it with tomatos. this looks delicious – and i’m never a fan of olives or capers but you make this look irresistable!

  5. one of our fave weeknight meals – so quick and really awesome. sometimes we skip the tomato sauce for just a few slice, blistered cherry tomatoes we add in halves to some olive oil, sliced garlic in a hot pan. mmmmmm.

    love the new design! much cleaner and your pics pop much more! great job!

  6. Love the new site!

    You just brought back a memory of this friend of my mom’s…I would stay the night and we made tuna spaghetti, and I loved it! Had not thought of it in ages…have to watch pasta, even WW with HB…

    Okay, now I need some advice on wordpress…I have a new business and am doing it on wordpress, and am having a heck of a time learning…can you email me elizabeth@cookappeal.com? Thanks your a pal!

  7. Hello Lori Lynn,

    I found your blog by chance, and I fell in love with it !
    Why? I loved the layout, because you cook all sorts of meals and not just desserts, or macarons….because I saw a photo of the agapanthus, and this reminded me of my garden in Buenos Aires, because I liked the recipes, and because by reading it, I seem to discover a very nice person behind it…
    Best of luck, and congratulations!

  8. p.s. Congrats on your new blog look and new address. It’s beautiful and elegant. I’m off to change the link on my blog now. 😉


  9. Lori Lynn, You couldn’t have picked a better design that says who you are. So classy and elegant! Congratulations on your new home. Love tuna and pasta, I’ve switched over to whole wheat pasta 80% of the time, it’s come a long way in taste.

  10. Lori! great site! love the new layout and colors. it has a shabby chic look to it 🙂

    Thanks for these recipes! My mother has to fight high cholesterol too (actually I do too since it runs in the family). These are so helpful, I will be sure to use them. I especially liked this one. Who doesn’t love good tuna with pasta?

  11. your new site is beautiful and thoughtful, just like you!

    i should have taken some triple omega-3 tuna home with me. oh wait! i have ann’s home-canned oregon coast tuna. that should be tasty. i have been eating heart unhealthy lately ):-(

    congratulations on making the foodbuzz top 9!

  12. With all my cooking and catering, I have missed a few delicious plates of food on your beautiful new site…..
    A few cans of tuna in the cupboard has saved many a dinner crisis in my home…..Looks very tasty indeed!!

  13. I really enjoy your blog. The recipes sound amazing and the pictures look delicious. I am trying the pasta with tuna sauce tonight. If it tastes only half as good as it looks, I will be happy.

  14. I love the new design, so pretty and elegant!
    I’ve been trying to eat healthier and perhaps *gasp* cook at home. This recipe seems delish and easy enough, now I just need to find fresh yuzu 🙂

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