Project Food Blog: From My Heart

And so the sun has set on my participation in Project Food Blog, Foodbuzz’s first ever competition where 10 official challenges test the culinary and blogging skills of almost 2000 contestants, whittling them down until only one star remains…It was an honor and pleasure to compete in the company of so many talented bloggers.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and encouragement. Thank you to the wonderful folks at foodbuzz and the esteemed judges Dana Cowin, Nancy Silverton, and Pim Techamuanvivit. Thank you to my friends and family for sharing the cooking, entertaining, and the excitement with me. It has also been great fun to meet so many terrific new food bloggers! Best wishes to the 24 bloggers remaining in the contest. The last three challenges are: Piece of Cake, You’re the (Restaurant) Critic, and The Final Post. All the remaining contestants are super qualified, we can’t wait to see who emerges as the winner. Bonne chance my friends!


Taste With The Eyes
Links to Seven Challenges:

Challenge #1 Ready Set Blog: What is TaStE WiTh ThE EyEs?

Challenge #2 The Classics: Classic Peruvian – Aji de Gallina

Challenge #3 Luxury Dinner Party: Modern Southwest

Challenge #4 Picture Perfect: quesadillas florales

Challenge #5 Recipe Remix Pizza: Asian Pizzette

Challenge #6 Road Trip: ELEGANT PICNIC BY THE SEA

Challenge #7 Video 411: Entertain with Gelée!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Your Friend,

Lori Lynn

42 thoughts on “Project Food Blog: From My Heart”

    1. To My Dear Long Time Blog Friend Peter – thank you so much. Your blog is ALWAYS a source of inspiration for me. In fact, I’ve made many of your dishes. And this Thanksgiving, I put a Greek Cheese Plate on the appetizer menu, thanks to you!

  1. I’m keeping your video handy for the enchanting tomato gelee and for whatever you have in store next. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m sure your table will be filled with good things and grace.

    1. Hi Claudia – it makes me happy to hear that I will be in your home sharing a tutorial on tomato gelée! I sure do hope you make it and let me know all about it. Your continued support and comments are a source of joy for me. I hope our paths cross one day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Can’t wait to read about your meal.

  2. Tell me it’s not so! That’s ok, you did a fantastic job and truly put your heart and soul in all the challenges, you should be quite proud of how close you came to winning. You rock Lori Lynn and your blog is top notch in my book!

    1. Oh Marie – I sure do appreciate your words, we have been blogging together since 2007…that is eons in blog years. Your enthusiastic comments and generous compliments always make my day. And I know they are sincere, you are a very special lady. Thanks again.

  3. Classy lady! You did a great job throughout the challenge and continue to do so even though the sun has set. You are a blog star…we don’t need a contest to know that!

    1. Joan – your words especially mean a lot to me. Thank you so much, I am so glad we are blogging friends and look forward to meeting you again in person someday real soon! My brother keeps asking me when I’m coming to Florida. He is on Plantation Key. So maybe we can cook together sooner rather than later…

  4. I beautiful collection of posts that you can be proud of. I know it’s not the same as winning, but if it means anything at all, I thought you were one of the true stand out talents in this contest. GREG

  5. very classy – you were and still remain an inspirational person and blogger in my world….I look forward to what is around the next bend and I hope we are going along for the ride together…

  6. You were definitely a success in my eyes! You had a marvelous run and there is always next time! As long as you (and us!) believe you’re a winner, you are!

  7. Not only does your food look beautiful, but it looks like heaven to eat! You are so very talented and a joy to know.

  8. It has been a pleasure to watch while you mastered each of these challenges Lori Lynn. Your talent shone through in every post , in every challenge and in your support of the other contestants. Unfortunately there can be only one winner and I am sure there will be many disappointments for many but I so enjoyed seeing your creativity and talent blossom.

  9. well, let me tell you, I am honored to be in the same boat as you, my dear! I throughly enjoyed your posts. They were top-notch, insanely beautiful and full of thought and creativity! What a great ride we had, right? big hugs!

  10. Dear Lori Lynn,

    Don’t be sad! You never know where is your luck. Maybe you’ll have time for something else, maybe you’ll get an interesting proposal. 🙂
    I love your recipes, even if I didn’t wrote here until now.

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