Gastronomic Wonderland!

Come join me, my friends, in a Gastronomic Wonderland!

Hello my fellow foodies, bons vivants, gastronomes, gourmets, connoisseurs of the finest food and wine! To celebrate the end of a tasty 2010 and to welcome in a delicious 2011, come travel with us to Las Vegas this last weekend of the year and experience some of world’s best food created by renowned chefs, served in breathtaking ambiance with superlative service. Vegas, it’s a food lovers dream-come-true, a gastronomic wonderland!

An Invitation to Taste With The Eyes:

Twist – Pierre Gagnier
Comme Ca – David Myers
Jaleo – José  Andrés
Osteria del Circo – Egidiana & Sirio Maccioni
Mon Ami Gabi – Gabino Sotelino

The Cosmopolitan

Delicate & Dirty Martini @ Jaleo

The Delicate & Dirty Martini is made with vodka, a spherified ‘olive’ and topped with olive air. The olive air is created by adding soy lecithin to olive juice and blending with an immersion blender until foamy. Let’s try this at home!

“When I was a young boy, I used to help my father cook the best-known dish in Spanish cuisine: paella—a country meal, using ingredients from the surrounding fields and the heat from burning vines. He would put me in charge of the open fire where we would cook for our friends and family. This is where I learned the art of controlling the heat, a skill needed to make perfect paella. At Jaleo, we bring you that same tradition of cooking Spain’s great dish over a wood fire. Our unique paella kitchen is like nothing you have ever seen! It’s the first of its kind in America. Watch my team as they prepare our amazing paellas in the traditional style of my home country. This is the best show in town!”
José Andrés

Paella Valenciana ‘Rafael Vidal’ @ Jaleo
a true classic of chicken, rabbit and green beans

Paris Las Vegas

There are few things we’d rather do than sit in the sun on the Las Vegas Strip at Mon Ami Gabi,
watch the fountains dance to music at the Bellagio, and drink a pink French wine. Very few.

2009 Chateau de Campuget Tradition de Campuget Rosé Costieres de Nimes

Sea Scallops Gratinées @ Mon Ami Gabi
caramelized fennel and onion marmalade, mussel cream

Country Style Pâté @ Mon Ami Gabi
cornichons, whole grain mustard, country toast

Lemon-Thyme Seared Salmon @ Mon Ami Gabi
orzo, peas, leeks, spinach, lemon butter

The Bellagio

Circo is back on our list. Opened in 1998, it was one of our little darling Vegas restaurants. But in recent years, so many new chefs have come to town, Osteria del Circo (Circus Tavern) took a back seat to the new experiences. What a pity as this gem still rocks. Now she is back on the list, and very near the top!

*Paglia e Fieno @ Circo
green & white tagliolini pasta with diver scallops and eggplant

*our favorite pasta dish in 2010!

IL Branzino @ Circo
pan seared mediterranean sea bass with campari tomatoes and vermentino velouté

The Cosmopolitan

Comme Ça is two weeks old – and oxtail jam is already a favorite here…

Roasted Bone Marrow & Oxtail Jam @ Comme Ça
with toast, parsley, fleur de sel

Comme Ça – The Classic French Bistro, Re-Imagined

The Mandarin Oriental

“Cuisine does not measure itself
in terms of tradition or modernity.
One must read it in the tenderness
of the chef.”

*Pierre Gagnier

*our favorite chef in 2010

Prime Filet Mignon @ Twist
roasted, sarawak pepper, pierre’s sweet ‘n sour sauce
braised lettuce, paris mushroom stuffed, pate a choux, chestnut velouté

*Julie Lin
Wine Director Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

*our favorite sommelier in 2010

Mojito, Foam, Lime & Mint Gelée @ Twist
fresh cucumbers, lime sorbet, granite, sugar

Caramel Apple @ Twist
caramel panna cotta, cinnamon apple paté, calvados ice cream


Extending our special thank you for the exceptional service to:

Julie @ Twist
Debby @ Mon Ami Gabi
Andrea @ Comme Ca
Alicia @ Jaleo
Jay @ Circo

Happy New Year!

And extending my best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy, photogenic & delicious 2011!

Lori Lynn

26 thoughts on “Gastronomic Wonderland!”

  1. Yum, yum and yum! Everything looks amazing…so beautiful and delicious! And, I love the title of your post…so fitting and adorable. Happy 2011!

  2. I’m not a gambler, but these is so much going on in Vegas culinaryly (is this a word?) that I’m thinking of going and eating my way through it! Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. It’s good to be Lori Lynn! 🙂 That looks like a wonderful experience.

    All the best to you in the new year,


    P.S. Your photos are really fabulous.

  4. Wow…this was stunning. The photographs made me feel like I was at these amazing restaurants, enjoying all the goodies. The filet mignon looked amazing, and I loved the thought of that olive air. Thank you for sharing…and for all your sweet words on my blog. I feel blessed to know you!

  5. Thanks for the culinary tour. Next time I’m in Vegas, I’m bringing you! What a luscious New Year you had! So when do you start making “olive air?” Happy 2011!

  6. thank you for these photos. they are excellent and really made me feel like i witnessed the finest parts of your dining experience. vegas is such an awesome place. its strange how the finest foods are flown into this little desert town, kind of in the middle of nowhere!

  7. The Caramel Apple Twist has my name all over it. The Bellagio and Venetian are my must stay at places when I get back to LV. Now all I have to do is convince my husband that he wants to live there!

  8. Oh my goodness. It looks so decadent. I’m actually a bit afraid of going to Vegas…Moderation would be impossible. Happy new year Lori Lynn — looking forward to another year of your delightful posts.

  9. Happy New Year Lori Lynn!!
    Your Vegas gastronomic tour looks like it was a taste powerhouse, what a BLAST!
    That roasted bone marrow & oxtail jam looks so yummy, it ALL looks yummy.
    Your pictures and write up are fabulous.
    Hoping the best for you in this upcoming year!

  10. My daughter will be going to Vegas this spring for the first time … I shared this post with her! Hopefully, she’ll have as tasty a time as you have had! I loved the look of those scallops at Mon Ami Gabi! The delicate martini looked pretty tasty too!

    Happy New Year, Lori Lynn! I look forward to more excellence from TWTE !

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