Gastronomic Wonderland!

Come join me, my friends, in a Gastronomic Wonderland!

Hello my fellow foodies, bons vivants, gastronomes, gourmets, connoisseurs of the finest food and wine! To celebrate the end of a tasty 2010 and to welcome in a delicious 2011, come travel with us to Las Vegas this last weekend of the year and experience some of world’s best food created by renowned chefs, served in breathtaking ambiance with superlative service. Vegas, it’s a food lovers dream-come-true, a gastronomic wonderland!

An Invitation to Taste With The Eyes:

Twist – Pierre Gagnier
Comme Ca – David Myers
Jaleo – José  Andrés
Osteria del Circo – Egidiana & Sirio Maccioni
Mon Ami Gabi – Gabino Sotelino

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Pi Day: Pierre Gagnaire

Happy Pi Day!
If you are a math nerd (like me), this is a fun day!

People young and old, all around the world, challenge themselves to memorize ∏ on this day
March 14 or 3.14


Pi, the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter, is an irrational number which never repeats, so, memorizing pi can be a lifelong adventure!

For this Pi Day, we are not baking an apple pie, nor a pizza pie, nor egg pie or quiche!

We are traveling back to Paris to visit Three-Star Michelin Chef Pierre Gagnaire, aka ∏.

My Family and Friends Dining at Pierre Gagnaire

My brother, Don, was planning his wife’s birthday party at Pierre Gagnaire. Being a party of 8, they required us to choose the menu ahead of time. Below is their email exchange. It was destined to be an interesting and amazing experience!

Dear Sir,
Please find enclosed our new menus for your dinner.
Could you please contact us back with your choice before next Tuesday?
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or for any explanation.
Best regards.

Dear Xavier,
My French is not so great. Is it possible to send me the menu in English. Thank you.
Best regards,

Dear Sir,
Unfortunately we do not have any menu in English, however you can call us at the restaurant if you wish and ask for me or just give us your cell phone number we will then contact you.
Best regards.

Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire
6 rue Balzac
75008 Paris
tel: + 33(0)
fax: + 33(0)

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