Roasted Salmon, Latkes, Slaw & Red Pepper Sauce

Roasted Fresh Atlantic King Salmon
Potato Zucchini Red Pepper Latkes
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Heart Healthy Cabbage Carrot Slaw

On this the Sixth Night of Hanukkah, I invited with my older brother, Bill, who is in town from Florida, over for dinner and to help make latkes! At nightfall we lit the menorah and recited the blessing over the candles.

Blessing over Candles
Hebrew: Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam asher kidishanu b’mitz’votav v’tzivanu l’had’lik neir shel Hanukkah.

English: Blessed are you, Lord, our God, King of the universe who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light the lights of Hanukkah.

Roasted Salmon, Latkes, Slaw & Red Pepper Sauce Recipe

Simple Roasted King Salmon:

Rinse and pat dry salmon filets. Let come to room temperature. Rub with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook in a 375° oven for about fourteen minutes until the salmon is just cooked through.

Easy Flavorful Red Pepper Sauce:

  • 1 12 oz. jar roasted red peppers, rinsed and drained
  • 2 T. fresh parsley
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 T. red wine vinegar
  • 2 T. good olive oil
  • 1/2 c. walnuts
  • 2 slices baguette, crust removed
  • red pepper flakes and salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a food processor.
Heart Healthy Cabbage Carrot Slaw:

Combine equal parts non-fat Greek yogurt and Veganaise (no-cholesterol vegan mayonnaise). Add celery salt and hot dry mustard. Add seasoned rice wine vinegar and stir to get a slightly runny consistency. Add shredded cabbage (green and purple), carrot ribbons, and sliced scallions. Salt and pepper to taste.


Use a food processor to shred 2 russet potatoes, one zucchini, and a quarter of a red onion. One handful at a time, remove potato zucchini mixture from the food processor and squeeze to remove as much moisture as possible (thanks Bill!). Place each handful in a large bowl. Then add diced red bell pepper, chopped fresh dill, salt and pepper. Coat the mixture with flour, then moisten with egg whites (or egg beaters). I posted a more detailed recipe, The Best Savory Latkes Recipe, here.

Cook potato mounds in hot olive oil until both sides are nicely browned and crispy.

Drain on paper towels, season with a bit of sea salt.

To serve: Place a schmear of red pepper sauce on the plate. Top with a salmon filet. Add a latke or two and a scoop of cole slaw. Latkes are usually paired with sour cream or apple sauce, but have you tried them with coleslaw? It is a terrific savory match – warm crisp latkes with creamy, cool, and tangy slaw.

This meal makes a great lunch too.

The menorah is kindled near a window, its light illuminating the world outside,
publicizing the Miracle of Hanukkah.

Sending our warm wishes to you at Hanukkah.
May you be blessed with joy, good health, and peace.

14 thoughts on “Roasted Salmon, Latkes, Slaw & Red Pepper Sauce”

  1. I love the photo of your table, and the last one. The dish is, as usual, beautiful, and it is made even more so by the warmth of the atmosphere at the table.

  2. Oh wow, I am always impressed by your presentation. Wonderful job! As for recipes, got to tell you one of my favorite combination put together on one plate! 🙂

  3. Thank-you for sharing a bit of holiday tradition with us. Beautiful photos, and the entire salmon dish looks fabulous. Love the idea of the potato-zucchini latkes with your dish.

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