Spicy Colorful Veggie Tacos, Korean-Style

Third in a Series of Superiores Tacos Vegetarianos

 spicy colorful veggie tacos, korean veggie tacos
Spicy Colorful Veggie Tacos, Korean-Style

Scrambled Tofu with Gochujang and Scallion
Sesame Leaf, Seasoned Bean Sprouts, Pickled Cucumber, Diced Daikon
Carrot Ribbons, Pickled Red Onion, Sliced Omelette
On a Warm Blue Corn & Flaxseed Tortilla, Spicy Gochujang Sauce

korean tacos, veggie korean taocs

Initially I was inspired by a vegetarian taco recipe by Rick Bayless that I saw in the dreamy Harvest to Heat cookbook. It was genius. Fresh ingredients, healthy, and a perfect balance of flavors. Nothing complicated yet completely satisfying. In his shadow I create my Superiores Tacos Vegetarianos series, a compilation of vegetarian tacos highlighting a unique combination of vegetables and herbs where the flavor profile stands on its own. A series where even carnivores won’t wonder, “Where’s the Beef?”

In this latest incarnation, tofu is seasoned with gochujang (red chile paste) paired with colorful vegetables, zesty pickles, and egg, resulting in a spicy, crunchy, vibrant vegetarian taco that might be a cross between Korean Lettuce Wraps and the craze of fusion Korean Tacos?

Spicy Colorful Veggie Tacos Recipe

korean tacos, sesame leaf

I’m really happy to have discovered Mission Artisan Tortillas. I use the Flaxseed and Blue Corn tortillas for these Korean-influenced tacos. They are nutty and slightly sweet and have a bonus of Omega-3s. I heat my tortillas in a skillet with the lightest brushing of olive oil.


Gochujang, Korean red chile paste give these tacos their distinctive bright spicy flavor.

spicy tofu scramble, gochujang

To make the spicy tofu scramble: well-drained extra-firm tofu is crumbled by hand then lightly browned in a non-stick skillet with a bit of toasted sesame oil. Gochujang is thinned with a small amount of water then stirred into the tofu.

The tofu scramble is finished by adding a generous amount of thinly sliced scallion and a bit of sea salt.

veggie korean tacos
To assemble: place kkae nnip (Korean perilla leaf also called sesame leaf) on the warm tortilla. Perilla leaf adds a pleasing herbal note to the tacos. Top with a heaping spoonful of tofu scramble then with seasoned soybean sprouts. Next add pickled cucumber and onion, and carrot ribbons and diced daikon.

soybean namul

My soybean sprout namul recipe can be found here. It is great on tacos –  spicy, crisp and crunchy.

korean cucumber
Korean cucumbers are sliced and pickled in a sweet vinegar. In a half hour the cucumber is sweet and sour and still crisp. I pickle the red onion rings the same way. And for contrast, fresh carrot is shaved into ribbons using a vegetable peeler.

cubed daikon

There is no cheese in this heart-healthy recipe, so to resemble cheese for a visual effect, daikon is cut into small cubes. It adds its own peppery note and mild crunch to the taco.

korean egg omelette

Cook a very thin layer of beaten egg with a pinch of salt (I use no cholesterol egg substitute) in a non-stick pan. Slice the cooled egg into thin ribbons. Finally, top the taco with egg ribbons.

vegan korean taco

An equally satisfying vegan version is made without the sliced egg omelette, radish sprouts are added.

vegetarian korean tacos

#3 Superiores Tacos Vegetarianos

For the sauce, mix 3 T. gochujang paste with 1 t. each sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and sugar (plus a little water if too thick). Drizzle gochujang sauce over the taco.


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Please feel free to share your favorite vegetarian taco recipe or link!

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  1. I came late to vegetable tacos and now adore them. You have packed these with so many delicious flavors – and I will need this for my vegan friends who are probably growing tired of my whole-grain soups and salads that I offer them!

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