Meyer Lemon Arancini, Flower Confetti, Parmesan

meyer lemon arancini, lemon rice balls, ciao fiore appetizer
Cocktail Hour @ Ciao Fiore!
Meyer Lemon Arancini, Flower Petal Confetti, Parmesan

It’s cocktail hour at Ciao Fiore!  Meyer Lemon Risotto left over from the previous night’s service is formed into balls, coated with panko bread crumbs, and fried in canola oil. We need to watch our food costs so here we transform the day-old risotto into a delightful bar appetizer. Finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and a sprinkling of flower petal confetti make the presentation pop!

Meyer Lemon Arancini Recipe

frying arancini

Roll day-old meyer lemon risotto into golfball-sized balls. Coat with panko bread crumbs. Roll the ball between the palms again, smoothing the bread crumbs into the rice ball.

hot arancini

Carefully drop rice balls into hot canola oil. Cook until golden brown, then turn and cook until golden on the other side. The exterior should be crunchy while the interior is hot, creamy, and lemon-y. Remove to paper towels. Season with fine sea salt.

 Meanwhile,  pull petals from clean dry edible violas and geraniums.

how to make flower petal confetti

Chop flower petals with a very sharp knife into confetti.

flower petal confetti

 Grate ParmigianoReggiano over slightly cooled arancini.

best arancini ever

Then sprinkle with flower petal confetti.

fried rice balls, flower confetti, how to make best arancini
Happy. Hour.

31 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon Arancini, Flower Confetti, Parmesan”

  1. Colorful copped petals are absolutely gorgeous!!! I had these deep fried risotto balls at a restaurant once and I remember they were extremely delicious. I just remembered the taste. What a beautiful appetizer!

  2. Oh wow, what an impressive treat – I have had edible flowers a few times, but never in this form. Sounds intriguing and looks gorgeous 🙂

  3. Wow! These are so pretty with the flowers scattered over the top! Yay for Ciao Fiore– happy hour just got happier!

  4. Okay seriously, these would make me propose marriage to you if you made them for me. I’m sure hubs would understand. I mean look at these little masterpieces!

    1. Hi Angela – I know what you mean about deep frying. That’s why I only do small batches, and I only use enough oil to just come halfway up the arancini, and then I turn them over when the first side is golden, unlike others who submerge the balls completely in oil. (Uses half the amount of oil too).

  5. Have loved arancini since youth.. you’ve mastered it here and have made it soo beautiful too!
    Love that you used the meyer lemon risotto. what a splendid flavor!

  6. What a creative and delicious dish. I love the cooking with flowers idea, but who but you would have thought of chopping them into confetti? What a beautiful presentation. Have to steal this idea.

  7. Brilliant! Such a creative addition to simple and delicious arancini. When I was a kid I was convinced I could live on my Nana’s rice balls and rainbow-sprinkled Sicilian cookies forever…my absolute favorite foods. She would love your take on tradition! Many thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. I made arancini the other day and fell in love. I stuffed it with fontina. Oh lordddd. But I want to recreate them, as you have done here, as an elegant “tapas” for a bridal shower I am throwing next week. I’m toying with the idea of making them in advance, freezing them, and then reheating and plating at the party. Do you think they would lose any of their awesome powers if I did that?

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