Construction Dinner

Orecchiette, Avocado Pasta Sauce
Orecchiette with Warm Avocado Cream

The dilemma was how to add more kitchen counter space for prepping, cooking, and cleaning while keeping the integrity of the 1951 style, leaving the character of the original design unchanged without knocking out any walls. My friend Kirk had a brilliant idea to convert the adjacent room, which had been used as a bar, into an extension of the kitchen.

My home is a unique style for Southern California, the charming Cape Cod is an East Coast design – a style adapted to the stormy New England weather. Common features include: a steep sloping roof, chimney with fireplace, dormers, multi-pane double hung windows, shutters, constructed of wood and covered in wide clapboard, having a symmetrical appearance with the door in center, center-hall floor plan, and hardwood floors.

This remodeled room may have originally been designed for use as a breakfast nook sixty years ago. Now, it is an extension of the cooking area, with a stainless steel sink and 9 extra feet of counter space!

Belian-Giraud Bordeaux review

What to drink while under construction…

Bordeaux’s “petit chateaux” are some of the world’s best wine values offering much of the character of a classified growth at an everyday price. But in a vintage of such excellent and uniform quality as 2009, the small chateaux of the satellite appellations can often wildly overachieve and sport that mythical combination of ripe fruit and Bordeaux terrior usually reserved for much more expensive bottlings.

2009 Chateau Belian Giraud $15
A 65 acre estate, situated just South of Sauveterre in the middle of the Entre-Deux-Mers region. Forward and fresh with red berries and black currant fruit and forest and mineral qualities.

(from Wally’s Wine & Spirits in Los Angeles)

Before #1
Before #2

Construction timeline:

  1. Draw cabinet design idea.
  2. Meet with Cabinetmaker.
  3. Meet with Stonemason, get minimum measurement for granite slab of 113.”
  4. Shop for granite slab.
  5. Plumber installs rough plumbing for sink.
  6. Electrician installs rough electrical for outlets and disposal.
  7. Purchase sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and air switch.
  8. Purchase knobs and handles.
  9. Cabinetmaker installs cabinetry.
  10. Stonemason draws template for cutting granite, including sink template.
  11. Stonemason installs granite and sink. Cuts holes for faucet and air switch.
  12. Plumber installs faucet and disposal.
  13. Make paint selection.
  14. Painter paints walls “mellowed ivory.”
  15. Redesign light fixture.
  16. Electrician finishes outlets.
install rough plumbing
install electrical outlets
cabinetry installation
cabinetry installed
brazilian golden green granite
Brazilian "Golden Green" Granite

Please stop by Taste With The Eyes later on to view the installation of the gorgeous Brazilian granite and completion of the project.

pasta avocado sauce
Orecchiette with Warm Avocado Cream

Creamy and comforting, Orecchiette with Warm Avocado Cream, is a simple tasty dish to serve when busy with other things…

  • 1 avocado
  • large handful fresh cilantro
  • 1/2 c. non-fat sour cream (we love Trader Joe’s Simply Fat-Free)
  • 1 T. olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • juice from one lime
  • 1/2 c. hot pasta water
  • salt to taste

While the pasta is cooking blend avocado and the next five ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Drain the pasta, reserving 1/2 c. of the pasta water. Blend water with the avocado mixture, add salt to taste, then toss with the pasta. I finish the dish with sliced scallion and red pepper flakes.

12 thoughts on “Construction Dinner”

  1. How exciting to be getting a new kitchen! I just love the sound of it and I think it’s a great idea to extend into the extra space. I love the look of your pasta too – simple but full of flavour xx

  2. I love the ‘before’ so I can’t wait to see the after.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of warm or cooked avocado dishes which always surprises me since I’ve always just ate them salad-like at room temperature. I must get with the program! 🙂

  3. Good luck with your construction project, very exciting! The pasta with avocado cream sound very yummy and a perfect quick dish for me to make for Junior on a busy night 🙂

  4. What a great idea to get more countertop space! Love the Brazilian granite! Can’t wait to see the final product. As you may know, I’m undergoing a complete kitchen remodel and it’s been exciting. Can’t wait to have a kitchen back, particular a stovetop! 3 more weeks! Love the construction dinner! Delicious and simple! The best type of meal when your kitchen is a construction zone. 🙂

  5. Wow, even construction dinner has some class, LL! 😀 I love your pick for the new counter and counter top! I know it’s stressful to remodel anything in the house, but focus on the final outcome… 🙂 You will enjoy it!! Very nice pasta, and I buy the same sour cream!

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