A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie

A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie

A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie

My friends at Lifeway wrote, “Since we love your recipe creations, we want to reach out to see if you would like to be a part of our Summer Smoothie Project! We will be posting a Summer Harvest Smoothie onto our feed and would like to create a “viral” feel by having our beloved influencer community create a replica of the recipe or their own version (blending in your favorite summer fruits and kefir flavor).

I created A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie for this project. Lifeway’s delicious original Summer Harvest Smoothie recipe with blueberries can be found here.

Sweetness comes from kiwi, lemon kefir, cucumber and agave syrup. Savory notes are from spinach, avocado, and cilantro. Saltiness and Spiciness come from the addition of kosher salt and from the chile-lime-sea salt seasoning on the rim of the coupe glasses.

The result is a healthy flavor explosion hitting all the tastebuds!

A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie Recipe

A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie


1 c. mature spinach

1/2 c. cucumber, peeled, seeded, chopped  – preferably Persian

1/2 avocado

2 kiwi, peeled and quartered

1 c. Lifeway Lemon Kefir

1/3 c. cilantro, including stems – plus 2 t. more chopped for garnish

2 t. agave nectar

1/4 t. kosher salt (or to taste)

plus 1/2 lime to coat glass rims with Tajín Clásico Seasoning

Lifeway Lemon Kefir


Blend ingredients in a high speed blender.
Pour into coupes rimmed with Tajin seasoning.
Garnish with chopped cilantro.

A Sweet, Savory, Spicy Smoothie

Charming pitcher for kefir from Beehive Handmade here.

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  1. Love that picture-the dark against the light-something kind of Dutch still life about it. I don’t think Vermeer ever painted a smoothie or avocado, but if he did it would look something like that.

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