Chilled Kefir Soup

Chilled Kefir SoupChilled Kefir Soup With Cucumber,
Herbs, Edible flowers, and Kefir “Waves”

This hot weather calls for a cool refreshing light lunch. How does Chilled Kefir Soup with Cucumber and Herbs served with home-baked seeded artisan bread and a glass of un-oaked chardonnay sound? How about we serve it Spa Style, in the pool. Put on your swimming suit and let’s do lunch!

Chilled Kefir SoupChilled Kefir Soup Recipe

Chilled Cucumber Kefir Soup


  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 2 1/2 c. plain kefir (my favorite Lifeway 1%)
  • 1 c. sour cream (low-fat if desired)
  • 1 1/2 t. dijon mustard
  • 1 t. kosher salt
  • several grinds of white pepper
  • 3 medium common cucumbers – peeled, seeded, rough chopped
  • generous handful of fresh herbs: such as – cilantro, basil, and mint


Place all ingredients in a high powered blender in the order listed. Blend until completely smooth. Taste for seasoning. Chill soup in the blender container for 2 to 3 hours.


  • kefir – a small amount in a squeeze bottle
  • edible flowers – any mild-flavored flower is fine, this was dianthus
  • microgreens, petite herbs, sprouts

To Serve:

Briefly buzz the soup in the blender again to make sure it is completely combined. Pour into well-chilled shallow soup bowls.

Squeeze circles of kefir over the soup. Use a chopstick to swirl the kefir to look like the pool water or waves. Top with flowers and microgreens in a pretty pattern.

Pool Lunch

About Kefir

I have been a fan of Lifeway Kefir for years. When I came across a spa recipe for Chilled Cucumber & Yogurt Soup, I immediately thought of lunch, kefir, edible flowers, and my pool…et voilà, this very easy summer soup was born!

Chilled Kefir Soup

Lifeway Kefir is a tart and tangy cultured dairy drink packed with protein, calcium, and 12 live and active probiotic cultures. It is surprisingly rich and creamy with only 1% milk fat.

It makes an awesome healthy chilled soup. In fact, this recipe template can be used to make many chilled soups. Simply substitute cucumber with spinach, zucchini, beets, or even strawberries (but leave out the garlic). Take care to adjust fresh herbs to complement the vegetables.

Chilled Kefir Soup

Thank You Linda

A very special thank you to one of my Brother Bill’s dearest friends and Las Vegas Local ~ Linda ~ who recently gave a cherished cookbook to me. It is from one of her cruises: Carte du Jour  – The Restaurants of Royal Caribbean International.

My soup was inspired by a recipe from the Solarium Bistro, an onboard restaurant specializing in spa cuisine.

Merci, Mon Ami!

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8 thoughts on “Chilled Kefir Soup”

  1. Just one change, if I may, LL… about subbing that un-oaked Chardonnay for a big, woody, buttery and chewy Chardonnay?!?! I think that would pair beautifully with this absolutely lovely resort soup. Congratulations on that wonderful addition to your cookbook collection. How nice of Linda to give that to you.

    1. Thanks FA – OK you can have it with your Rombauer 🙂
      That was so sweet of Linda, I look forward to cooking more recipes from that cookbook! Stay tuned!

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