For our “Wolfgang Puck” themed dinner party I made his goulash with spaetzle.

The “scoop” of spaetzle on top of the tender and delicious goulash is my artistic interpretation:)

Eggs are always so photogenic. Eggs are mixed with milk.

Flour is mixed with salt and pepper. Freshly grated nutmeg is added.

Wet and dry ingredients are combined. The dough is refrigerated for at least an hour.

This nifty gadget, a sliding spaetzle maker, is really handy and makes this a fun recipe. The dough is ladled into the feeder then slid back and forth over the holes. (It gets a little messy). This was a good investment of only $12.99, as I will surely make spaetzle again, especially for my nephews.

The dough drips into the boiling water.

After boiling for about 4 or 5 minutes the spaetzle is shocked in ice water. Then drained and coated very lightly with peanut oil.

Butter is melted in a pan, then the cold spaetzle is heated in the butter and finished with chopped parsley, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper.

A big thank you to my blogger friend, Merisi in Vienna, Austria for her recipe guidance and authentic input. Please visit her beautiful blog “Merisi’s Vienna For Beginners – Virtual Postcards from Vienna”

The goulash recipe is next!

2019 UPDATE: COMPLETE RECIPE NOW POSTED HERE! Come read about my hearty Chicken Spätzle Soup too!