Korean Soju Kimbap Bloody Mary

Korean Soju Kimbap Bloody Mary

Korean Soju Kimbap Bloody Mary

A Unique Bloody Mary Blend of Soju and Vegetable Juice
Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Gochugaru
Garnished with
Kimbap, Pickled Yellow Radish, Tomato
Celery Stalk with Roasted Seaweed

Korean Soju Kimbap Bloody Mary

It’s late in the evening on a hot steamy summer night. Come, join us on the patio. We’re having a cocktail that is sure to perk you up, and it’s served complete with its own anju (snacks enjoyed while drinking alcohol).

Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage distilled from rice that has slightly floral and barely sweet flavors. Pleasantly light with a round mouth-feel and an alcoholic content of 20%, it is usually enjoyed neat, sipped from a shot glass. With about half the alcohol content as vodka, soju is also a perfect spirit to pair with our unique Korean Bloody Mary mix, it is tasty as well as refreshing…

Our Korean Bloody Mary mix is a blend of soy sauce for salty-umami flavors, fish sauce for sour-umami flavors and depth, rice vinegar for a bright acidic note, and gochugaru, a Korean red chili powder that is definitely spicy but also has a balanced fruitiness, slight smokiness and depth of flavor from the sun-dried red peppers.

The rim of the glass is coated with a smoky mix of gochugaru, smoked paprika, Kosher salt, and celery salt. Enjoy smoky, spicy, salty flavors even before taking the first sip.

Now for the anju: We have danmuji, a Korean yellow pickled radish that is sweet, sour and crispy. And while our Bloody Mary is garnished with that ubiquitous celery stalk, it is served with a twist! The “tree” is decorated with strips of gim, a seaweed that is roasted with sesame oil and seasoned with sea salt. Munch on crispy strips of gim while sipping the spicy cocktail. And finally, kimbap is a seaweed rice roll filled with yellow radish, spinach, carrot, egg, and fish cake. With so many flavors packed in a tidy little package, kimbap makes a snappy colorful addition to our Korean Bloody Mary.

Korean Soju Kimbap Bloody Mary Recipe

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A Cheeseburger Bloody Mary? Yep, That’s Right!

Cheeseburger Bloody Mary by Taste With The Eyes
Cheeseburger Bloody Mary
with sweet cherry peppers and bread & butter pickle chips

What beverage do you most associate with vacation? Margarita, Piña Colada, Champagne, Chilled Dry Rosé, Sangria? The Bloody Mary is definitely on that list. Because it is a cocktail that one imbibes in the daytime. Have you ever ordered a Bloody Mary at night? No, that just doesn’t sound copacetic. It’s summer vacation time – and we are drinking Bloody Marys, outside, in the sunshine. Cheers!

But I simply cannot serve any ordinary Bloody Mary to my guests. Their vacation here must be special so these daytime drinks are served with a unique garnish. A cheeseburger, yep, that’s right, a cheeseburger. Bartenders, feel free to steal this idea.

Cheeseburger Bloody Mary Recipe

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Brunch. Manhattan. Beach.

post bangin' brunch, mb post
Manhattan Beach Post

She called it one of the most surprising openings of the year. As one of the Best Meals of 2011Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic S. Irene Virbila lists her experience at M.B. Post as one of 2011’s most memorable. The upscale Water Grill in Downtown LA with Chef David LeFevre at the helm for years has been our favorite seafood restaurant, and that hasn’t changed. But now this Michelin-starred chef is in the South Bay, our neck of the woods, down at the beach, and we’re thrilled.

manhattan beach post restaurant

M.B Post serves imaginative, artisan global-style dishes in a casually sophisticated atmosphere that purposefully lends itself to a “social house” setting. It’s a fresh brilliant concept where sliding doors open onto the street, with beach-town ambiance, but in a non-stereotypical fashion.

The Chef began offering his Post Bangin’ Brunch in January. Hooray.

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Asparagus Risotto with Gorgonzola

Asparagus Risotto with Gorgonzola
Recently I was the happy recipient of some beautiful bundles of thick and thin asparagus from my friends at Gourmet Trading Company. Elegant asparagus’ peak season is Springtime. If you are in the depths of a really cold winter, maybe this post can lift your spirits? Spring is (almost) around the corner. Gourmet Trading Company imports and distributes top-quality fresh asparagus from the areas where it grows naturally in the Americas. This month asparagus is flourishing on their farms in Peru.

Trim thin stalks of asparagus, cut into 2 inch pieces and steam in salted boiling water until tender. Shock in an ice bath to stop the cooking.